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The PlexR, plasma laser that liquidates imperfections

“I have decided to reduce the drooping of my eyelids, especially the upper eyelids, with the PlexR plasma laser; a very natural, effective and safe technology that corrects and improves my facial beauty”, says Anna, 41, a patient of the Imema Clinic

The PlexR, plasma laser that liquidates imperfections

“I didn’t want to delay this operation on my eyelids, without scars, because I know people who have had to undergo classic surgery to solve the unsightly drooping of their eyelids. It is better to prevent than to regret bitterly in the future for not having acted in time”, he adds.

“Also, it’s my vital moment… I’m 41 years old and have two children and now it’s up to me to take care of my appearance and my self-esteem”, he reaffirms with his voice and the intensity of his gaze.

This state-of-the-art device is also highly recommended to substantially reduce the vertical wrinkles that form between the nose and lips, the barcode.

Likewise, it removes nevus or moles, warts, rubies, dyschromia -physiological changes in the normal color of the skin-, fibroids -acrocordons- and lenticels -senile spots- or moderates the appearance of body acne bumps and scars .

Applications of the PlexR plasma laser

The 100% safety of the plasma laser, only for specialists

But Ana valued being treated with this advanced technique because her doctor was and is the one Dr. Alba Ruiz Allenderesponsible for Aesthetic Medicine of the Clínica Imema de Madrida center dedicated body and soul to the care of people’s beauty.

“This plasma laser is completely safe, as it is an innovative device that is very precise and is only applied to the area of ​​the skin ready for treatment,” emphasizes Dra. Ruiz Allende

“Unlike a standard laser beam or electric scalpel, the energy emitted does not pass through the surface of the epidermis; therefore, it can be applied with total certainty that it will not affect, for example, the eyeball”, he emphasizes.

“We are facing a process of sublimation of the skin tissue. It is possible, in the case of the eyelids, to reverse the tendency of eyelid droop, improving the periocular wrinkle and rejuvenating the look as a whole”, he opines.

Applications of the PlexR plasma laser

The intervention, with topical or injected anaesthesia, causes tiny burns on the skin, contained in breadth and depth, which will later become “stings”. It also causes a slight facial swelling, which disappears in a few days.

“It doesn’t cause the slightest damage to the surrounding tissues, unlike other invasive treatments, and it doesn’t generate hyperpigmentation or scars either,” emphasizes the specialist.

The crusts will be kept dry and clean, and washed with warm water and soap with a neutral PH twice daily, morning and night, until they are removed naturally, usually after a week; a time when the skin will not be able to receive direct sunlight.

In addition, it is advisable to apply an antiseptic during the first four days from the start of treatment.

For complete success, you will not be able to sunbathe from the week before and up to three months after the aesthetic procedure; even in the winter months it is essential to use sun protection creams of 50+ FPS.

“After they fall constraintsthe skin, in principle, will be observed more rosette, as it is a new skin; after a month or so, this skin will acquire the usual shade that each person wears”, points out Dra. Alba Ruiz Allende

The PlexR plasma laser is a fast technique. Patients, after each session, can lead a practically normal life.

Applications of the PlexR plasma laser

Dr. Alba Ruiz Allende, the EFESalut journalist, Gregorio del Rosario, Dr. Miquel Àngel Gorospe Arrazuría and Ana, patient who has allowed us to make this multimedia report dedicated to the correction of drooping eyelids.

PlexR indications

“We can perfectly treat nevi, which are skin lesions that usually originate in childhood. They are the typical brown freckles that we can detect with the naked eye on the vast majority of people.

Over the years they grow and become agitated; and, in some cases, they can be unsightly.

Angiomas or ruby ​​red dots, which are small, red, lentil-sized lesions that usually appear in older adults, can also be treated. They can be unsightly and are perfectly removed with PlexR technology.

PlexR is useful in hypertrophic scars generated by acne, which are typical on the body trunk of young boys and girls. They appear on the relief of the shoulders, in the presternal area (area of ​​the thorax delimited laterally by the pectoral area) or on the back. It is combined with other treatments, such as corticosteroid infiltration.

If we talk about the barcode we mean the typical linear scars that are drawn on the top of the lip and below the nose as we age. PlexR technology demonstrates a great aesthetic capacity in this facial area.

Dr. Miguel Ángel Gorospe Arrazuría, dermatologist at Clínica Imema

Applications of the PlexR plasma laser

The lightening action on freckles

Before attending to any man or woman to treat with PlexR a nevus, mole, angioma, wart, dyschromia, fibroma, lens or sign of past acne, it is necessary to go to the dermatology consultation.

“The specialist will discriminate between benign and malignant lesions, and determine which can be treated with this technology. If they pass the filter, the lesions are removed effectively, quickly, almost instantaneously, and with absolute safety”, certifies Dra. Ruiz Allende

Jesús, a patient of the Imema Clinic, decided to remove some of his freckles “basically for a matter of aesthetics”.

He doesn’t like anyone seeing one on his back, near his beloved tattoo; and even less to feel the rubbing of the clothes, to touch or scratch it… nor that his girlfriend pays attention to it from time to time. Criticisms, the fair ones.

Applications of the PlexR plasma laser

While the aesthetic doctor of the Imema Clinic completes the procedure to eliminate the marre freckle, an annoying presence in the daily life of Jesus and his partnermelts in praise to PlexR in front of the EFESalut microphone.

“I am delighted with the plasma laser, and my patients more than I am because it is a simple, fast, effective and safe treatment that does not usually leave recurrences or dyschromic lesions or scars. The result leaves them ‘supersatisfied’ and they come back again to remove more moles”.

Dr. Alba Ruiz Allende

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