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The person in industry: defining the right goals with precision

The persona method is essential today to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and find the right targets. In fact, the persona allows you to represent a target customer group or segment and refine your search to find the right prospects.

This step is critical to defining the strategy to adopt and offer the right product or service to your potential customers. Even in the industry, where there are additional criteria to consider, the persona is a very effective tool for getting to know your customers and their needs.

Understand the needs of industrial prospects

The industrial person must allow you to understand the buying process of your customers and thus prospect at the right time. Therefore, you need to know your prospects’ needs and problems well in order to adapt your value proposition accordingly.

The person should also allow a better understanding of the professional profile of the recipients, according to their company, their role and their function. In addition, it will be useful to you when creating relevant content that interests your potential customers, thanks to the knowledge of their centers of interest.

Develop a detailed view of the market

Before you begin persona creation, it’s critical to have a detailed view of the market you’re working in. This will allow you to segment your database in order to tailor your business speech according to the interlocutors.

It is also necessary to take into account criteria not represented in B2C or other sectors, such as the size of the companies, the technical complexity of the products or the type of intervention to be carried out.

Potential person in the industry

The benefits of the person to the industry

When an industrial company has a perfect command of its persona, it is able to target the right potential customers and better meet their needs/problems.

You can then decide what are the best marketing and sales actions to take to increase your sales. The benefits of a good knowledge of the person are numerous:

  • Improved advertising campaigns
  • Increase in qualified leads
  • Optimum profitability
  • Personalization of sales and marketing messages
  • Winning strategy for your brand

Therefore, business and marketing success is based on a well-defined and relevant persona. It is essential to understand your prospects and invest time and money to achieve the right business goals.

Only an in-depth analysis and accurate knowledge of the market can guarantee a relevant and worthwhile person.

Adopt a marketing strategy and relevant content

Once your persona is well defined, you can start designing advertising campaigns, commercial messages and marketing content adapted to the needs of your targets. You need to adopt a content and marketing strategy that is relevant to each of the people in order to offer them what they are most interested in.

You should consider the following:

  • Communication tools (mailing, social networks, blogs)
  • Acquisition channels (Google Ads, affiliate, SEO)
  • Media relevant to each persona (website, videos, white papers)
  • The contents to be published in the different media (articles, infographics, contests)
  • The keywords used for referencing and SEO

It’s important to know the behavior of your characters well in order to create content that interests them and encourages them to buy. Highlight relevant content to achieve your business goals and achieve better ROI.


The industrial persona is a very effective tool to get to know your customers better and find the right targets. The persona creation stage is critical to personalizing your value proposition and tailoring your marketing messages.

You need to have a detailed view of the market and know the needs of industrial prospects well before creating the persona. Once the persona is defined, it is possible to adopt a relevant content and marketing strategy considering the tools, acquisition channels and content to publish for each persona.

The benefits of a good knowledge of the person are numerous: improvement of advertising campaigns, increase of qualified leads, optimal profitability… There are many reasons that make the person essential in the sector.

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