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The new phone comes with 120W fast charging

Xiaomi has announced a new phone, the 11T Pro, with the latest feature of 120W fast charging. This phone sets a new benchmark in the industry with its groundbreaking charging capability and makes it easier for users to get their phone to full battery in a matter of minutes.

Let’s look at this new phone and what it has to offer.

Overview of the new phone

The new phone is the latest model of mobile device from Company X, designed to address customer needs that have arisen in recent years. It features new and exciting technologies, such as a 120W fast charging system for powering up your device quickly. In addition, its large display and powerful processor enhance user experience, allowing for a smoother operation than its predecessors. The phone is also compatible with various integrated features, making it the ultimate choice for any on-the-go lifestyle.

The phone has an advanced battery system that offers dual direction charging, allowing you to charge from either side of the device. Other features include an improved camera with full HD+ video capturing capabilities and an array of convenient security options such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning and password protection. The phone also boasts expandable storage capacity through its microSD slot and multiple other ports including USB-Type C and audio jack.

Overview of the new 120W fast charging feature

The new 120W fast charging feature is a cutting edge feature from one of the leading manufacturers in the mobile industry. It enables much faster charging speeds, enabling users to charge their device up to four times faster than a traditional charger. This impressive new technology makes it easy for users to charge their handheld devices at speeds previously only available to larger, stationary devices.

The 120W fast charging feature is based on a state-of-the-art circuit design that uses advanced power delivery technologies and supercapacitors to maximise juice delivery into your device. This improved power delivery technology enables peak currents of up to 8A, allowing quick battery replenishment and extended daily usage. In addition, with its high wattage output, this fast charger also allows for greater current stability, meaning users can enjoy safe and consistent charging every time.

In addition, this advanced fast charger also includes several other features that make it even more convenient for users on the go. For example, it includes an auto shutdown function that automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity for added safety; an adjustable voltage selection option that helps you find an optimal balance between speed and efficiency; and a durable build quality made from high-quality materials such as aluminium and ceramic fibre which ensures long lasting use in any environment. With all these beneficial features, the 120W fast charger will surely be a hit with anyone seeking maximum convenience when it comes to power delivery on their handheld device suddenly anywhere they go!

Key Features

Xiaomi recently announced the release of its latest flagship device, the Mi 11T Pro. It’s loaded with amazing new features that are sure to impress.

xiaomi 000mah 200w 120wbyford theverge

One of the standouts is its 120W fast charging capability, which is the highest output in a smartphone. This feature allows users to supercharge their device quickly and conveniently.

Let’s explore more of the key features this phone offers.


The new phone has a vibrant 6.8-inch Infinity-O Super AMOLED Plus display with a high resolution of 3040 x 1440 pixels. This gives the display a huge aspect ratio of 21:9, allowing you to get a wonderful cinematic viewing experience while watching movies or playing games on the device.

The display also comes with HDR10+ certification and has excellent contrast and colour accuracy. You will also get an Always-on Display feature to quickly see important alerts without unlocking your device.


The new phone has an advanced quad-camera system on the rear, offering 16MP ultra-wide angle lens, 48MP wide-angle lens, 8MP telephoto lens and a ToF depth sensor. Capturing mesmerising shots and videos from up close or a distance has never been this easy.

The phone also has 4K video recording at 30 fps for improved video performance. With a slew of features like Timelapse, Slo Mo and AI Scene Recognition that can adjust settings as per lighting conditions, capturing each moment perfectly is now within reach.


The new phone’s battery life is powered by a 4,500mAh unit with support for 120W fast charging. This ensures that users have enough juice to spend the day out, without worrying about finding an outlet to charge their device.

This technology allows users to power their device from 0% to 50% in under 10 minutes, meaning you can get back online and on-the-go in no time. This provides convenience and gives you peace of mind knowing that your device is always reliably charged up and ready for use.

xiaomi 000mah hypercharge 120wbyford theverge

In addition, it supports up to 25W wireless charging along with reverse wireless charging capabilities. This means you can be a good samaritan by giving someone with a dead phone some juice immediately! Later on, when all charge points are filled, you can still keep your device powered up while charging other devices wirelessly via the ‘reverse’ charging feature featured in the new phone. So whatever your preferred way of powering up your device is, whether wired or wireless – this new phone has got you covered!


The new phone is equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, providing performance that allows you to run most games and apps effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience.

Moreover, the processor is powerful enough to handle all the tasks – from casual daily use such as streaming videos and browsing the web to more intense activities such as photo editing and playing graphically demanding mobile games. It meets the needs of heavy multitaskers, content creators, and gamers alike.

Also, with 6GB RAM capacity in your device you will never have to worry about performance drops or app loading issues due to insufficient RAM.

Xiaomi announces 11T Pro with 120W fast charging

Xiaomi recently announced their new phone, the 11T Pro, with 120W fast charging.

This fast charging technology is now available in the market and offers several advantages over traditional charging solutions. This article will explore the benefits of 120W fast charging and what it could mean for the future of mobile device charging.

Quicker charging time

With 120W fast charging technology, you can expect your device to charge significantly faster than a regular charger. Depending on the device, charging time can be drastically reduced, ranging from one and a half times to five times faster than traditional charging speeds.

This technology is the latest advancement in wireless and USB-C chargers, offering unbeatable speeds that are more efficient than ever before. As a bonus, this technology decreases the heat generated when your device is charged, so you can remain worry-free about it getting too hot and damaging your device’s battery or components.

Taking advantage of 120W fast chargers will save valuable time when recharging so you can use your devices longer.

Lower power consumption

The major advantage of 120W fast charging technology is its ability to quickly recharge an electric device without needing excessive power. In addition, with the newer 120W fast charging technology, users can expect a faster and more efficient charging process.

120W fast charge offers a higher wattage rating, which determines the energy transfer rate between the battery and the charger. Providing a higher wattage rating allows devices to charge up to five times faster than traditional chargers with lower wattage ratings. This makes it ideal for people who need their devices charged quickly, such as travellers or those in an emergency.

Most importantly, lower power consumption is one of the key benefits of having your device equipped with 120W fast charging technology. Using fewer watts to top up a battery wastes less energy during the charging process. This makes it an eco-friendly alternative compared to other forms of battery charging. Additionally, using 120W fast chargers helps reduce overall electricity costs since you’re charged a lower rate for less electricity usage when compared with slower chargers that use more watts per hour.

Increased battery life

The new 120W fast charging technology promises higher charging rates and extended battery life. This is because charging a battery strains its cells and eventually wears it down. With fast charging, the voltage applied to the cells is kept low which helps prevent degradation. This leads to an increase in battery longevity and an improvement in performance over time.

Additionally, 120W fast-charging technologies can deliver results much faster than slow-charging systems yet still protect your phone’s circuitry from damage due to excessive amounts of voltage. This ensures your device remains safe even during rapid power delivery and can go about its duty longer without frequent recharging and replacements. Furthermore, with decreased time required for full recharge of your device, you can enjoy more worry-free usage and more mileage from a single charge.

Comparison with Other Brands

Xiaomi recently announced the 11T Pro, their flagship phone with a 120W fast charging feature. This is an impressive feat and stands out against its competitors.

xiaomi 000mah hypercharge theverge

This article will compare the 11T Pro with other phones regarding charging speed, battery life and overall value for money.

Comparison with Apple

Comparing the newly released phone to Apple’s existing models provides insight into how it will impact the market. For example, the new phone offers a maximum of 120W fast charge in terms of charging capabilities, whereas Apple’s flagship models range from 15-18W. This difference in charging speed means that the new phone may be able to charge much faster than existing Apple devices. Additionally, although a higher wattage output is not necessarily synonymous with faster charging times, it can help prevent harm caused by higher levels of heat generation.

Analysing other features between the two products is equally as important when making a comparison between them. For instance, when comparing camera performance and general design, there may be discrepancies between both products that must be considered before deciding which one to buy. Furthermore, understanding battery life and storage capabilities are key factors that should contribute to one’s decision-making process when choosing between two phones.

Comparison with Samsung

The new phone comes with a powerful 120W fast-charging system, the most recent mobile charging technology advancement. Compared to leading brands, Samsung offers a maximum charging speed of 25W on their most advanced devices. This means that the new phone’s charging time is up to four times faster, making it the fastest phone on the market and allowing users to charge their phones unheard of in traditional devices.

The 120W charging speed makes this model one of the most appealing for anyone looking for the absolute best charging speed on a smartphone. With Samsung’s 25W offering being one of the top competitors, this device easily surpasses it. In addition, it gives users a reliable way to recharge their device quickly and easily, reducing downtime significantly and enabling them to stay connected at all times. This also makes it ideal for travellers who want to minimise their time spent recharging when out and about.

Comparison with OnePlus

OnePlus is well-known for their fast charging capabilities. Their latest flagship phone, the OnePlus 8 Pro, offers up to 30W of fast charging through its USB Type C port and Warp Charge 30T Adapter. By comparison, the new phone has 120W of fast charging technology that can charge a 4200 mAh battery in less than 20 minutes.

The new phone also boasts more efficient heat management and other features, making it a more powerful device than the OnePlus 8 Pro. Additionally, this device supports Qi wireless charging at 15W and reverse wireless charging at 7.5W which doesn’t require additional accessories or power adapters. This is something that the OnePlus 8 Pro does not offer, making the new phone stand out from its competitors and a great choice for those looking for cutting-edge charging technology in their next device.

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