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The most difficult recipes to prepare – accept the challenge!

Believe it or not, some dishes have the most difficult recipes to prepare, and even experienced chefs are challenged whenever they serve these meals. Some dishes are quick and easy to prepare, as cooking shows show. But no, some dishes look simple but are the most complicated to prepare.

If you like to cook, accept the challenge and try the most difficult recipes.

I consumed

You’d be surprised how boring a traditional consommé looks, but it’s considered a luxury food that can measure a chef’s culinary skills. It has a clear light soup with egg whites, broth, meat and tomato that is simmered to remove all its impurities. Even if it’s a transparent soup, you need to master slow cooking and stirring to make the ideal consommé.


It’s amazing to see chefs flaming in restaurants. However, doing it at home is not only challenging, but also risky. Flaming requires lighting the liquor on fire, and one small mistake can set your kitchen on fire!


Several restaurants serve paella, but there is nothing like the authentic ones served in Spain. It takes some skill and a set of cookware to perfect an authentic paella. You need a large round pan to make a bottom layer of crispy rice, stir-fry the sofrito with a mixture of herbs and spices, and add a wide selection of meats and crustaceans to complete the dish.

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The hardest part of making a soufflé is making the beaten eggs rise like a fluffy tower. A technique to help you make your soufflé well-beaten is to beat the eggs well, without leaving any air bubbles. Another tip is to keep the eggs at room temperature and place the souffle on the bottom of the oven rack when baking.

Mole Poblano

Dating back 500 years, Mole Poblano is already a dish with a difficult recipe to prepare. Your patience will be tested like no other when you make this dish. It has 20 different ingredients and takes several days to prepare. The result of this recipe is a thick, black and spicy sauce.

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fugu puffer fish

This recipe is the trickiest one on the list, and there’s no way to try it because it’s a lethal Japanese dish. We have only included this in the list to inform you about this dish.

Fugu Puffer Fish is a Japanese dish that can only be prepared by chefs with a specialized license and training. The organs of this puffer fish contain a poison a thousand times more dangerous than cyanide.

Were the recipes really hard to make? You probably had a chaotic time in the kitchen. I hope you didn’t pick up any stains while working on these recipes. Well, if you did, no need to worry. Pre-treat stains with ingredients you have in your kitchen cupboard. After pre-treating the stains, you can leave your clothes at the laundry service or wait for your laundry basket to be filled and your clothes to be picked up and delivered to you.

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