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Netflix has already completed the release of the fourth season of one of its most successful and viral series, while in 2023 or 2024, will reach the fifth and final season. In the fiction series, set in the 80s, we see its protagonists continually facing supernatural dangers. What are the meanings of the names of the monsters in Stranger Things?

The origin and meaning of the name of the monsters in Stranger Things


This monster, nicknamed Mike and his friends, is a predatory humanoid creature that lived in the parallel dimension known as the Reverse World. In the game Dungeons & Dragons – played by the characters of Stranger Things, the Demogorgon is a demon prince with two heads who strive to dominate each other, but are unable to do so. And in Greek mythology, Demogorgon is a God or Demon associated with the underworld, known as demogorgon (dedaimon, genius, georgos, who works the earth) to the divinity or Genius of the Earth. The life cycle of a Demogorgon has several stages. Among them: Pollywog or tadpole in Spanish; Frogogorgon of the word frog (frog in English); Catogorgon from the word cat (cat in English) and Demodog or Demoperro in Spanish (the size of a large dog).

Shadow Monster

This monster is the main antagonist in season 2 and 3 of the series. The monster is based on the specimen Mind Flyers, in Spanish “El Azotamentes”, a creature from the game “Calabozos y Dragones”, which controls the minds of people as the monster does in the series. The monster is a giant spider-shaped creature from the World of the Reverse and is made of a “type” of fog that it uses to put victims.


D’Artagnan, commonly known as Dart, was a creature from the “Reverse World” that he temporarily kept as a pet for Dustin Henderson. It is a quadruped that has similarities with “The Monster” or also called “Demogorgon” and is in the Frogogorgon stage. The name D’Artagnan means “of Artagnan” in French, being Artagnan a city in the southwest of France. In addition it is the name of the literary personage – an aspiring to musketeer – of the famous novel “the three musketeers” (1884) of Alexander Dumas.

A soundtrack, better than ever

In addition to the monsters of Stranger Things, something else caught my eye, especially in the fourth season in Stranger Things Netflix. The success of an 80’s music classic such as song “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bushwhich was released in August 1985 and today managed to re-position itself as one of the most listened to in the rankings around the world.

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