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‘The Last of Us’ Review

The Last of Us is the series format adaptation of one of the best video games in history. As a true fan, here are my most honest first impressions and review of its seventh episode, which premieres this Monday, February 27.

The Last of Us continues its journey with its seventh episode, just two from the end of its first season. At the moment, we still have no official data from HBO, so we must sense that the growing pace has ceasedbut yes we know that the audience is still on top of everything. What we players also knew was that with the release of this chapter – based on ‘Left Behind’, the DLC expansion of the video game that narrates the events that trigger the main plot – homophobia would return, and to the surprise of no one, this episode of The Last of Us has received review bombing again, just like the third episode. We already know what happened before and now, once again, the series is surrounded by homophobic criticism. This time it was actress Storm Reidwho co-stars in the episode, what has been said about it: «We are telling important stories. We’re telling stories of people’s experiences, and that’s what I live for. That’s what makes good storytelling, because we’re telling stories of people who are taking up space in the world. It’s 2023. If you’re worried about who I love, then I need you to get your priorities straight.»

Unfortunately, history repeats itself, and the series continues to be bashed by die-hards, just as it was with the two video games. Again, it’s best not to pay attention to this type of data and continue to enjoy this beautiful story. From here the spoilers will begin for both this episode and the previous ones, you are warned before continuing. There goes my weekly review.

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That’s how it all started

The Last of Us
HBO Max Spain

‘Left Behind’ is possibly one of the most beautiful and at the same time hardest moments of The Last of Us. Although we players got this slice of story months later in the form of an expansion, it is considered essential to the overall narrative of the gamesince it toasts a poignant glimpse into Ellie’s past bringing more depth to the relationship with Joel. Originally, the video game expansion follows two stories. The first is the Ellie’s search for medicine in an abandoned mall in Colorado to be able to treat Joel after he was brutally injured at the University. Being in a mall brings back memories for Ellie, starting the second story in an interspersed way, which goes back three weeks before the main story of The Last of Us start. We are introduced to Riley AbelEllie’s former classmate, now turned into a Firefly, who pulls Ellie out of PHEDRA’s school for a night.

Joelrecognizing the seriousness of his injury and his lack of resources, he asks Ellie to leave and get back with Tommy. At that point, Joel gives up his own survival interest in favor of protecting Ellie, even if it means her death. There is nothing left of the Rondinarian mercenary we met in the first episode, and now we can only see a worried father. Ellie grabs the doorknob. This door represents the option to run to safety or stay and help the only thing left in life. A feeling Ellie remembers something he has already experienced. We go back weeks to the first meeting with Joel. Ellie feels lost without Riley, as if his life had lost all meaning. For that, when she shows up in his room to ask him to accompany her, he can’t deny her anything.

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What we leave behind

The Last of Us
HBO Max Spain

The shopping center configuration seen through the eyes of a teenage girl I had never seen anything like it before it is a truly moving and wonderful experience. We get to see Ellie smile for the first time in a different way, radiant, in love, having the best night of his life. From the easels, the photo booth and the fighting game scene – which has undergone a change and works worse than the original -, everything feels perfect, but it’s clear that one thing they both haven’t said. Which are said without words simply when Ellie kisses Riley while dancing up on the counter. Both actresses do an exemplary job, handling the scene beautifully and sincerely. After, Riley promises Ellie that she will stay there with her instead of going back with the Fireflies, and it’s this revelation of the affection they feel for each other that makes the next scene that much harder to watch. The music at full volume woke a an infected one that ends up biting both of them before dying Certainly one of the most heartbreaking moments in the video game, another one where Druckmann decides to remind us that there are no happy endings in this world. One of the best dialogues occurs, where the two teenagers they try to assimilate that they will die. Riley still has bullets in his gun, but they come to the conclusion that taking the quick and easy way out is not the best idea. they decide spend the remaining time they have left together, sharing the last fragments and seconds of humanity left to them. No one knows if it will be two minutes or two days, though it helps them to know that they will be together until the end.

The next thing we know and imagine is that Marlene and the other Fireflies found Ellie days later and she had to see how the thing that mattered most to her in life was transformed into a monster. Knowing that this is now part of their history, it’s easy to see now why Ellie would do anything for Joel. Her night with Riley helped her to understand something imperative. People are worth it. The people we care about are worth fighting for. She could have taken the easy and quick way out and left Joel, just as she could have taken a shot that day, but she chose to stay and gamble on the future. She couldn’t do anything for Riley, but she won’t give up on Joel, even when he’s already given up..

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A bad moment

The Last of Us
HBO Max Spain

I’ve read a multitude of opinions about this seventh episode, both from players and viewers who are new to the series, and almost themostly repeats the same words: filler episode. First, they are not right at all, but they are partly right. I explain myself Again, this is the second stick I have to give to this wonderful adaptation after the change in the death of Tess, because here it again worsens or confuses the fantastic story we experience for the first time in the video gameand it is that ‘Left Behind’ has reached its worst moment in history. This episode is based on the expansion DLC of the video game, possibly one of the best moments in the history of The Last of Us, assumed so by many players because of how it makes you feel. But, why in the series it can come to feel in a different way, as if it were filler material instead of the awesomeness that is in the video game? The answer is simple: everything has its time.

In the video game, the DLC would arrive months after its release, when we’d all already finished the story. And it was coming to finish you off, to help you understand Ellie and her actions, to remind you that she was an innocent girl in love with her best friend until she lost everything. In the series, ‘Left Behind’ comes right after Joel falls seriously injured, bringing the series to a halt and derailing the fast-paced and focused on his imminent death completely, misleading viewers from the true story. While it has worked for many due to, again, its almost identical similarities to the original source, it has served for many to dismiss or undervalue the story that meant so much to the players. Now that everyone in the audience loves Joel, as much as Ellie can, it was time to see what would happen with him, just like we players did back in the day. Choosing to divert attention from such an important moment in the actuality of the series has the consequence that ‘Left Behind’ seems like an unnecessary distraction for the hearing of what is a more pressing issue.

There have been other flashbacks in the series that did work because they came at the right timekeeping the pace of the series and respecting the original timeline, thus allowing viewers to concentrate on what was happening in the flashback without having a split focus, open to where the story wanted to take them. Unfortunately, this seventh episode is out of sync with the rest of the series. Getting a backstory that further develops Ellie’s character was vitally important, so she was included in her day in this story expansion, which it was intended from the beginning to come after it ended, and not before.

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In the final stretch

The Last of Us
HBO Max Spain

This seventh episode marks a point of no return for the series’ final stretch, where the hardest part remains to be seen. Regardless of the poor choice in his introduction to the timeline, has managed to come close for many viewers to what it meant to players back in the day, though certainly on a lesser scale. There are only two episodes to go in the wonderful story of these two characters, so brace yourself curves are coming.

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