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‘The Last of Us’ Review

The Last of Us is the series format adaptation of one of the best video games in history. As a true fan, here are my most honest first impressions and the review of the sixth episode, which premieres this Monday, February 20.

The Last of Us come back after 9 days since the release of its fifth chapter, as it should be remembered that it was brought forward to avoid the Super Bowl. And that’s what HBO carried out this maneuver last resort to try not to lose the great streak of audience increase that maintained the series since the premiere of its first chapter on January 16. And, given the lack of news on the part of HBO referring to the audience in the United States on the opening night, it can be practically guaranteed that that streak -at least weekly follow-up in the premiere- it ended abruptly, because as they say, what is silent grants. According to some unofficial sources, the news of the advance would not have reached everyone’s ears despite the platform’s insistence, bringing the record streak to an end. We will have to be attentive if this new sixth episode manages to resume the increase. Likewise, the fifth episode has managed to be the best rated by the weekly followers of the series, redeeming himself for the lost record by beating another one. But let’s go, my weekly review.

The sixth episode of The Last of Us, another master class on how Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann they have made the adaptation workit feels like one great progress for the series in terms of character developments. one emotional surge in history brought to life by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramseywho deliver not only their best performances in the series so far, but possibly the best performances of their respective careers. From here the spoilers will begin for both this episode and the previous ones, you are warned before continuing.

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Family with which we are born

The Last of Us
HBO Max Spain

The sixth episode creates fantastic character development that allows us to breathe between the horror of Henry and Sam and what is to come. as a whole, it’s a welcome change of pace regarding the frantic action of the previous two episodes of Kansas City. It has little action to speak of, but we can really see that it is not needed for the series to give us a treat a spectacular episode. From the beginning, The Last of Us he has been introducing us to several rich and convincing characters that have been entering and leaving the orbit of Joel and Ellie, but This is the first time we really focus on the relationship of the central duo and we immerse ourselves deeply in what happens inside their heads and how they feel with each other. The backdrop to all this is, of course, the community in Jackson, where like Joel we meet again with Tommy, magnificently interpreted by Gabriel Luna. Also we know Maria, played by Rutina Wesley, who has managed to capture the essence of the video game character, although perhaps a little decaffeinated. We are witnesses of life inside the commune and, apart from the episode of Bill and Frank, this is the first glimpse we’ve had of a post-outbreak community where people not only survive, but can live their lives. The first talk between Joel and Tommy does not go as one would expect. Tommy and María are going to have a son, and Joelstill tormented by the loss of Sarah, he can’t muster anything but resentment when he hears the news With this talk we can see first hand that Joel is still on the same pointwhile Tommy has managed to turn the page. He himself reproaches the following: “The fact that life has stopped for you does not mean that it has to stop for me”. Tommy, who has always been in the shadow of his brother, wants to claim his right to live, which is why he is such an interesting character. In fact, in the video game it is not known that Tommy is going to be a fatherand I think it is one very accurate point added to support his position.

This rejection continues to torment Joel, who ends up exploding in the second meeting of both. Here, the series deviates from the video game and gives us a scene to rememberone of the most emotional monologues of the season so far, in which Joel implores Tommy to take Ellie with the Fireflies instead. Joel’s fragility, both mentally and physically, is shown to us throughout the episode and We discovered his fear of failing someone again. Because he expresses these thoughts, combined with what we know about his loss at the beginning of the series, it helps us to see the evolution of the characterwhich happens to be one mercenary without compassion to someone who would do anything to prevent something from happening to Ellie. We can see him break down and let his deepest fears come to the surface. We know that those fears have been hidden for a long time and that his love for Ellie has grown so much that he doesn’t trust himself to keep her safe. Pascal’s voice trembles, his body trembles, demonstrating once again the great acting level he has and because he has been on everyone’s lips for several years.

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Family we make for the road

The Last of Us
HBO Max Spain

Once that Tommy reluctantly agrees take Ellie, the task of it falls to Joel to tell Ellie what will happen next. Y it’s this moment in the series compared to how it happens in the video game which shows even more how masterful Mazin and Druckmann are in handling the original source material. And the two showrunners haven’t changed anything. Everything in this scenefrom Ellie’s clothes to her thoughts on a girl’s diary, it’s the same as the original video game scene. This is the scene in which Ellie admits that she knows what happened to Sarah. This is the scene in which both realize how much they have lost. And this is the scene in which Ellie admits with tears in her eyes that there is no world in which she could be safer with someone other than Joel, because otherwise I would be terrified. Joel is the only person in her life who has not left her, and she is not willing to let him give her up. One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the video game, recreated essentially line by linewhich is, in many ways, the basis that supports who these characters are in the PlayStation classic. Ramsey and Pascal put all the meat on the grill – especially her – because Your link breaks momentarilywhat makes that Joel’s final decision to change his mind and continue with Ellie on his journey is much more rewarding.

The university timeline, the cause of Joel’s injury and even the enemies they fight are different of what we find in the video game. But if we compare it with the amount of time and development that the characters have obtained during the episode, once again it feels like the right decision. In the original story, Joel falls from the first floor to end up pierced by a metal bar and Ellie saves his life again by killing the looters. Here, Joel stabs himself quickly in the first interaction protecting Ellie. If I had to choose, I would stay with the playable version this time, but I understand that it was this way. The important thing here is that Ellie, who depended on Joel to survive up to this point, is now in charge of taking care of him. Is an important turning point in history, an overwhelming cliffhanger and, again, a chilling way to end an episode.

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References for a tube

The Last of Us
HBO Max Spain

This sixth episode is possibly the one with the most references in total and not only from the first video game, but also from the second one. I’m not just talking about replicating original scenes, but as has been done in other episodes, the references have been introduced almost entirely through the dialogues. Both Ellie wanting to know how to hunt, Ellie demonstrating that she doesn’t know how to whistle, the appearance of the dam – which takes more prominence in the video game than in the series -, the almost millimetric recreation of Jackson’s settlement in front of the second video game, Joel wanting to be a singer, Ellie wanting to be an astronaut or the appearance of Shimmer, Ellie’s horse. Many are references taken directly from the spectacular second video game ‘The Last of Us: Part II’, that although they don’t make much sense right now, they will in the future with the adaptation in the second season. Above all the appearance of Dina, a very important person for Ellie in the futurewhich appears hidden behind a column observing our protagonist.

Again, I’m very happy after watching the sixth episode, as it has served to define who these characters are and what their journey is for. It could already be said that The Last of Us It has established itself as the best adaptation of a video game that has ever been madealthough the most difficult moments of the series still remain to be seen, so get ready, because if you’re enjoying it now, now comes the good stuff.

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