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The impact of the showcase on the presentation of food

When you think of the food industry, you may have an incomplete picture of display cases.

They’ve been around for a while, but lately they’re starting to take off. There are many reasons for this. First, you can now find both curved and straight screens. This means your products can be displayed without any hassle. You can also choose from a wide variety of shelves, end panels and more.

The impact of display cabinets on food presentation is one of the most important things to consider in the food service industry. Having an artistic and attractive display of food products can lead to better tasting and higher flavor ratings.

The art-inspired presentation results in a higher flavor rating

There was a study that investigated the effect of artistic food presentation on consumers’ taste ratings. He used the same set of ingredients and presented them in three different visual arrangements. Among other things, the researchers tested whether the artistic presentation of food was the most impressive of the three. After consuming the dish, participants were asked to rate its taste using a 10-point Likert scale.

They found that the artistic presentation increased participants’ taste ratings by 18%. As a result, the results indicated that consumers were willing to pay a significant premium for the same artistically presented tasty food. The findings suggest that aesthetic value is more important than taste in determining whether a particular dish will be a hit with customers.

In addition, the ‘art-inspired’ presentation was the only one to receive the aforementioned gimmick award. This is because the “art-inspired” exhibit was the only one whose ingredients were placed in the same order as the other two.

Refrigerated showcases

  • Refrigerated display cabinets are part of the technology used to preserve food. They can be found in a variety of retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and gas stations.
  • As the demand for fresh and frozen food increases, the refrigerated display case market is expected to expand at a healthy rate. The growing number of retailers and restaurants is driving the development of the industry. These units are used to display products to encourage impulse buying and increase sales.
  • In addition to these benefits, increased energy efficiency has also increased demand for refrigerated and frozen foods. A refrigerated display case can be used to display poultry, fish and dairy products.
  • However, there are a few factors to consider before purchasing an RDC. For example, airflow, size and design requirements. You should also consider the accessibility of the unit.
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Adaptation of doors to a typical open-front display case to reduce the effect of defrosting

  • One of the best ways to improve the presentation of food products is to adapt an open display case with a door. This not only keeps the air cooled inside, but also helps prevent deterioration due to the ingress of ambient air. It’s also a great way to get a more modern look out of older open cases.
  • Adding a door to a standard open front display case has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of heat removed by a condenser. This is not only good for the environment, but also improves the quality of food. As an advantage, it reduces the running time of a condenser, thereby reducing electricity and maintenance costs.
  • A more recent study shows that a second flow path (i.e., a fan), along with a secondary layer of air directed outwards in a similar fashion to the first layer, can reduce the overall temperature of a case The airflow device can be located anywhere suitable. Additionally, adding a lid or door to an open display case can be a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to increase the shelf life of your merchandise.

The best part is that it only takes an hour or so to make. You can also take the opportunity to introduce some more energy-efficient measures, such as LED lighting, into the mix.

Sustainability in food and beverages

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  • The beverage industry is increasingly interested in sustainability. As consumers look for products that can improve their appearance, reduce waste and improve taste, many companies are looking to promote environmentally friendly production practices.
  • Companies that adopt sustainable business practices can increase their competitive advantage. However, it is important to understand the challenges and obstacles that can prevent a company from successfully implementing sustainability initiatives.
  • Understanding how to implement sustainability within a global supply chain is crucial. It can also help a company meet its regulatory goals and reduce its energy and water footprint.
  • The beverage industry has adopted several strategies to move towards a circular economy. By investing in new equipment and reducing waste, a company can reduce its environmental footprint.
  • Food companies are also under pressure to reveal more information about their supply chains. This can lead to reputational costs and financial costs.
  • In addition, a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions from food and beverages comes from livestock and associated land use practices. Therefore, companies must develop and share information about the sources of their emissions, as well as the animal welfare of their suppliers.
  • In addition to understanding the supply chain, it is essential to consider the full consumption cycle. The consumer’s decision to purchase sustainable products involves a wide range of considerations, including their health and the impact they will have on society.


Finally, in conclusion, it can be simply assessed that counters have really improved the food industry with their unique aesthetic value and sustainable model, but you have to choose your display model wisely and see that it meets your requirements and standards .

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