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The icy basin of disturbance

Cruelty and apathy shine with their own light a Speak No Evil, the Danish bet at this year’s Sitges Festival. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but this time the edge elucidates closer than other times.

“We wanted to make the scariest Danish film ever”. This is what the Tafdrup brothers said before the screening of Speak No Evil. These statements seem hasty, since let’s talk about Lars Von Trier’s country of originone of the most politically incorrect and controversial filmmakers in history.

Speak No Evil takes us to an isolated Dutch country house where a friendly family invites some Danish friends they met on holiday in Italy. The relationship between them is idyllic and everything indicates that they will live an irreproachable weekend, but the passing of the hours will reveal dark behavior of the Dutch.

Speak No Evil 01First of all, it must be made clear that Speak No Evil it’s not a movie for everyone. In fact, I keep wondering if I’m in the potential audience for this one raw portrait of the most dispassionate and cruel human being. The extreme violence to which the protagonists are subjected raises an, in my eyes, obligatory question: was it necessary

The values ​​of traditional Western families they are the central theme of this particular Danish film. The guests are a family in use, without passion for life; his day-to-day life is passive and insignificant. The invitation of the Dutch will launch a glimmer of light in the underlying darkness that has infested the lives of the protagonists. However, this invitation comes late, since this passivity has become his everything.

The role played by the Dutch a Speak No Evil is to highlight the zero vitality of the Danes. Not even with the most indescribable acts are they able to move away from the route that life seems to have drawn to their destinations. Considering this premise, violence is justified a Speak No Evil. It’s an extreme way to portray an idea, though it works. Of course, because cinema (and art) is warm instead of coldany justification will be worthless to the eyes (and heart) of the most sensitive and empathetic viewer.


Nor I think we are facing the most terrifying Danish film in history. Yes, we are dealing with a full-fledged provocation, a hellish nightmare and a really stimulating film in some respects. Speak No Evil it does not leave the viewer any more impression than that of the disturbance thanks to its horrific imagesbut sometimes it doesn’t take much more to stay in the collective imagination.

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