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the best cleaner and disinfectant for home and offices

Ammonia is a chemical compound that consists of a nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms. Ammonia is used as a cleaning product for the home and office fully efficient, however, ammonia is used in derivative solutions to be used as a deep cleaning product, more commonly known as ammonium hydroxide. There are some precautions and warnings regarding the use and mixing of ammonia with other cleaning products, since, mixed with wood for example, lethal and toxic gases are produced for humans. Take a look at these cleaning products that don’t have to be mixed.

However, we explain the modes of use, the benefits and curiosities of the ammonia cleaner. Read on if you were a fan of keeping your spaces clean, both home and office.

The PH of chemicals

Find out which cleaning products should be used or avoided so as not to damage the surface according to the PH of its composition (hydrogen potential).

Main uses of ammonia for the home and offices

Although ammonia for cleaning is the most used, the formula of ammonia that we know and use every day is NH3 and beware of others industrial uses, as well as coolant and fuel. Also, it is used to eliminate the combination of nitrogen oxides, controls fermentation processes and much more. It should be noted that Ammonia can be harmful if combined with other chemicals, like the law, which can produce gases that are dangerous to health as we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Now, the uses that can give you the following:

  • Remove patches of fat: one of the most popular uses is that ammonia is an effective degreaser to remove grease stains in the kitchen. It can be combined with hot water for maximum effectiveness.
  • Clean wood: in the office or home there may be wooden elements, if ammonia is diluted in water it can be an ideal product for cleaning floors and furniture. It should be noted that it cannot be used on light wood or with varnish.
  • Eliminate odors: ammonia is an infallible component to eliminate bad odors from spaces or fabrics. Also, the humidity and mold that can cause some pieces.
  • Bronze and copper: ornaments or elements with bronze and copper can be cleaned with ammonia diluted in water, since its chemical effects must make them shiny and have their natural color.

Ammonia curiosities

However, ammonia can be more surprising than you imagine, since it belongs to our day to day without knowing it, many times. For this reason, we will explain them to you curiosities of ammonia which are more interesting:

  • The 90% of ammonia is used in fertilizers to take care of food production, in most of the world.
  • Ammonia for cleaning is very effective for remove patches of grease, of wine or fats of animal originamong many other causes.
  • It is used in air conditioners, since ammonia can absorb large amounts of heat.
  • Ammonia is used, in some cases, to purify water for the manufacture of many items, as well as plastics, explosives and paints. That’s how ammonia is in all parts.
  • Finally, su degreasing power it is very famous all over the world, which is ideal for cleaning surfaces that happen regularly.

In Clim Profesional you will find our ammonia cleaner to disinfect, remove textile stains or clean any type of surface.

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