The Apple TV Plus series have the best score than the other platforms –

In the second year in a row, the Apple TV Plus series will get a better score on other streaming platforms. The report, conducted by Self Financial, using IMDb scores with user data in the United States, comparing Apple’s service to those of Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney Plus and Hulu.

According to the study, the Apple TV Plus series has the highest average IMDb score for its library (7.08) for the second year in a row, although it still has the smallest library, due to the streaming service of the apple giant, has only original content, without material from other distributors.

In addition, Apple TV + now has the highest quality family content (7.34) thanks to programs like Fraggle Rock and Charlie Brown. however Disney Plus is the winner in terms of number of titles with 1139 children’s programs.

Apple TV Plus series have better scores on other platforms

The Apple TV Plus series have the best score. What about competition?

When it comes to other platforms, Hulu has the highest quality 4K content, while Netflix has the most with 667 titles.

Netflix accepted the largest number of new shows and movies (1404) from 2021 to 2022, but Apple TV + added the largest percentage increase to its library (55.78%).

For another year, it’s interesting to see Apple’s approach bear fruit. After that Apple TV + received the same title last year with more than 70 titles, the company has now doubled the size of its library.

Also, this year, the company won the Most Important Award for Best Film at the Oscars with CODA and has many new titles to come in the near future. Some of his best-known titles this year were Severance, WeCrashed and Pachinko, while also awaiting the new seasons of the hit For All Mankind, The Morning Show, Ted Lasso and Foundation.

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