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If there is a company that, without having dedicated itself to the world of entertainment, will be understood more and more in the industry of film, series and television, this is Apple. With your platform Apple TV Plus, bet on what many of us think is crazy. Only offering original content, not using a library from other industry giants, like Disney Plus did with Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar, for example. Or HBO Max with Warner Bros. and DC, among other brands. Apple TV Plus offers more and more quality propositions that we won’t be able to find anywhere else, including its first 3D animated film, Luck, a must-see streaming.

There are some rather curious facts between Apple and Pixar, and including, Disney itself. When Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was fired from the company in the mid-80s, he paid money to be one of the co-founders of Pixar, getting the company to have its first big success with Toy Story.

In time, Jobs returned to Apple by rescuing it from bankruptcy, and sold his stake in Pixar to Disney, becoming the single largest shareholder in Disney. In fact, it was always thought that at some point, Apple would buy Disney, something that ultimately did not end up happening.

The merger or purchase of Apple and Disney was a fair combination, but at the time, the business of streaming and contents were not so fashionable or in the interests mediated by the firm of the apple that enjoyed growing the miles of millions of dollars to raise, first with iPods, then with iPhones and iPads, in addition to computers.

Now, to continue enhancing a Apple TV Plusthe company released Luck, its first 3D animation production in association with SkyDance’s animation division, a film that has many Pixar elements, thinking that behind Peggy Holmes, John Lasseter’s protégé, producer of the film, and who was the mastermind behind Toy Story.

REVIEW Luck: The Animated Movie to Watch Online on Apple TV Plus

What is Luck all about?

The story focuses on the character of Sam Greenfield, an 18-year-old orphaned teenager, who goes through several families and care homes, begins her life as an “adult”. Despite Sam’s warmth and good heart, everything goes wrong. We could say that he is the unluckiest person on the planet.

Nothing goes right for him. Until one night, he meets a black cat, with whom he shares part of a sandwich and finds a lucky coin. From there everything changes and everything starts to work for her… albeit for a short time.

Because despite having the coin of fortune, he loses it in a few hours and, again, bad luck dominates his life, until… he crosses paths again with the black cat whom he follows to an alley and ends up entering in an unknown dimension to enter the Land of Fortune.

REVIEW Luck: The Animated Movie to Watch Online on Apple TV Plus

What do you watch on Apple TV Plus?

Luck is fun, warm and imaginative, very colorful and with some touches that can remind us of some titles like Monsters Inc. or Inside Out.

It has cheerful secondary characters like fairies, dancing bunnies and a dragon queen, and they convey an air of positivity, despite Sam’s bad luck.

The cast of original voices brings together Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, Jane Fonda and Whoopi Goldberg, among other figures, and as one of the songs we will be able to hear on the soundtrack, we will have a version of Madonna’s classic, “Lucky Star”.

For some critics it is not up to the level of films like Toy Story, however, we are talking about a film that can hardly compare. Y Luck has a lot of self-earned magic. And good luck, for us, the spectators, is to see it and make our imagination fly. To enjoy it.

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