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The Alphabet of Psychology reaches the S of Somatization

New letter in the Psychology Alphabet of the psychologist Sergio García Soriano, which reaches the S and talks about somatization

To somatize or somatization disorder (DSM-V) means to carry the body or make a physical symptom for emotional or psychic reasons.

Transform personal problems into organic symptoms. In primary care, it is common to carry out multiple diagnostic tests where it can be ruled out that the diseases are of bodily origin.

Mind and body are part of a continuum, obverse and reverse of the same coin, even if for centuries they have been thought of as separate entities.

Generalized anxiety or permanent stress felt by the person beyond their context or circumstances can produce discomfort in any part of the body such as back pain, neck pain, headache, emotional diarrhea, gastritis, itching, dermatitis, lichen and other dermatological problems, fibromyalgia, bruxism, lack of libido, irregular periods, alopecia areata etc.

Are there any profiles or traits that can indicate that a person can generate somatizations?

  • Negative or catastrophic attitudes. People who have suffered from depression or anxiety.
  • Egocentrism
  • Emotional dependence.
  • Personal dissatisfaction

In short, these psychological aspects will be amplifiers of the internal conflict that the person has and that manifests through his own body in such a way that he solves his problem with this expression in his body; it is common to obsess over the observable symptomatology and forget that the source is your personal psychology and the way you approach your problems.

Socially it is more valued and it is more understandable to have an organic disease than a psychological disorder or problem, therefore, the individual tends to deny the mental variable when the organic signals appear and does not always relate them.

This is why we see that the defense mechanism that we use to relax some situations that generate discomfort, is increased thus generating a blindness of the individual in front of the causes and consequences of the anxiogenic experience that he experiences.

The most effective way to address the conflict and not distance yourself from it, solve it and find out the origin of these emotional disturbances is to go to a psychologist, starting a psychotherapy in which those painful experiences or those that are being avoided are taken care of and taken back to a healthier place.

Sergio García’s previous word before Somatization was Rationalism.

Sergio García psychologist
The psychologist Sergio García Soriano/Photo provided
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