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The Alliance for the Dream is born

More than six million Spaniards suffer from sleep problems, which consequently affects their health. This is indicated by the Alliance for Sleep, a platform born with the aim of helping patients with insomnia and other nighttime disorders

After the pandemic, there has been an increase in patients suffering from one of the different problems that affect the quality of dreamand in particular, with insomnia.

Specifically, it is estimated that the incidence of sleep disorders is one 40% globally and between one 20-48% at the national level.

Not being able to rest properly has consequences and implications for physical and mental health, as well as the social and economic well-being of the population.

In this scenario is born Alliance for the Dreama work platform that brings together different scientific societies, healthcare professionals, managers, researchers, patient associations and companies.

Its aim is to improve the care and sleep health of Spaniards, in addition to raising awareness about the inappropriate use of certain medicines with a strong addictive potential.

The Alliance is coordinated by doctors Odile RomeoClinical Head of Neurophysiology and coordinator of the Sleep Unit at Vall d’Hebron Hospital and Quirónsalud Hospital in Barcelona and member of the Spanish Sleep Society (SES); Carlos Egea, President of the Spanish Federation of Sleep Medicine Societies (FESMES) and Head of the Pneumology Service and of the Functional Sleep Unit of OSI Araba; i Carlos WallPresident of the Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine (SEMP).

Chronic insomnia

The insomnia of a chronic and prolonged nature, it already affects more than six million of people in Spain, as indicated by the Dream Alliance.

A sleep problem that constitutes a risk factor for suffering serious diseases of various kinds, as is the case of mental illnesses, cardiovascular, metabolic (obesity and diabetes) or even cognitive impairment.

When we talk about chronic insomnia, it involves a series of comorbidities which increase the risk of mortality, suicide, social isolation, work or school absenteeism and low productivity, with serious consequences in patients, which represents an important public health problem.

Alliance dream problems
Representatives of the Alliance for the Dream. Image provided by Cícero Comunicació

Approach of the Alliance

The platform will focus on five goals:

  • Observation and research: to help understand the global impact of sleep on the impact of citizenship.
  • awareness: promote the need to protect sleep and define an appropriate approach to chronic insomnia.
  • education: promote training actions for professionals and patients that allow to stimulate preventive actions, make an early diagnosis and better management of sleep pathologies.
  • Bet on quality: to ensure the quality of care around sleep problems and, specifically, chronic insomnia.

The Alliance seeks to respond to the needs presented by patients and adequately attend to this social health problem that has become a pending subject for the health system.

In addition, the platform also has other professionals and the support of numerous Scientific Societies and Patient Associations such as: the General Council of Colleges of Pharmacists (CGCOF), the Spanish Society of Neurology (WITHOUT), the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG), the National Association of Nursing Directors (GO), the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SEMFYC) and the Spanish Association of Sleep Patients (ASSENARC), among others.

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