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Released a few months after the 9/11 attacks, the series 24 with Kiefer Sutherland marked a first and an after when proposing an action story told in real time. Although with the passage of the new seasons, the excessive violence and the somewhat repetitive stretch, it caused him to lose a little interest, his return to the screen after eight seasons is always expected. And while the fans of 24 wait for it, Apple TV Plus brings to its streaming platform Teherán (Tehran), the best espionage series to watch in many years.

With two seasons already released, Teherán is an Israeli thriller that presents a Mossad agent, Tamar Rabinyan (Niv Sultan), in permanent danger as she tries to undermine the security of her country’s deadliest enemy: Iran.

Tamar is a hacker who, with a false identity, tries to destroy Iran’s nuclear reactor. But when the mission fails, a plan B must be organized to try to achieve his mission, while endangering all his doubts.

Review: Tehran on Apple TV Plus, the best action series to watch

Set in Israel and Iran, and mixing English with Hebrew and Farsi, the series becomes so immersive and ordered in its story that it is impossible to lose. In fact, it becomes addictive from the point of view of knowing what will happen with the next episode, just as it was with 24.

And although it does not dwell specifically on this, Tehran does not overlook the difficulties that women have to go through, as well as the torture and abuse of power by government authorities and military forces, which prohibit freedom of expression, the right to information and punishing for various reasons with capital punishment people who, in the opinion of the government, are traitors to the country, for what we see on more than one occasion citizens hanging in the streets

Teherán does not have the typical cinematic tone of the series Apple TV Plus. In fact, no iPhones, Macs or iPads are sold in the first season. Also the lighting is darker and the aesthetic care is slightly less, you have to wonder if it is an independent production that Apple acquired, or wanted to increase the drama.

Review: Tehran on Apple TV Plus, the best action series to watch

The story of Tehran begins with Tamar arriving at the international airport and with a false identity, she pretends to be a flight attendant to enter the city. From there, he will attempt to infiltrate the power plant which has a vulnerability that would allow Israel to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons without the attack being detected.

Without embargo, the mission fails, and he finds Tamar in season two looking to achieve a new goal.

Season two adds actress Glenn Close, in a role she’s never seen before, demonstrating her talents that earned her two Emmy Awards and an Oscar nomination throughout her career.

Undoubtedly, Tehran is the best action and espionage series to stream today. An exclusive proposal from Apple TV Plus.

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