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A good weekend plan is to prepare a barbecue at home and enjoy the sun, even better if it is close to the beach or around the pool and with the family together. If you have in mind organize one in this one Summer 2022 and accompany the celebration of an alcoholic beverage, there are expert tricks that can be taken into account to perfectly combine the meats with the right wine.

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Jaime Pumayauli, Metro sommelier, offers the right tips to savor the best of this hot season with a luxury pairing.

1. Beef and a Malbec wine

“The ideal complement to the meat is the Las Moras Malbec wine. Thanks to the strength and intensity of flavors that the meat has, it is not perfectly in the own and soft of the wine creating new flavors on the palate. We can enjoy this Malbec with a picaña or a loin to Argentines from the Tierra de Fuego brand. ”says the specialist

2. Pork, medium-intensity dishes and a Cabernet Sauvignon

“Thistles Cabernet Sauvignon, with rounder and kinder tannins (vegetable substances typical of wine), is well complemented with medium and high intensity dishes such as pork. To do this, a gang tail, narrow steak or roasted strip with Metro brand bone generates an excellent fusion “explain.

3. Fish and a Marquis

“The ideal union for a Marquis of Riscal Rueda is without a doubt a grilled fish, accompanied by sauces and herbs that go hand in hand with the density and aromas of wine. A whole trout, chopped salmon or a portion of swordfish are ideal to accompany this wine. ”Pumayauli recommends.

4. Seafood and Sauvignon Blanc

“The friendly Intipalka Sauvignon Blanc has persistent notes of citrus and tropical fruits that form the ideal balance with a variety of seafood dishes such as prawns, squid and choritos a la chalaca. A very traditional pairing to accompany a mixture of seafood or the dishes mentioned above “concludes the sommelier.

To learn more about barbecue accompaniments that can be enjoyed this summer 2022 you can visit special grills of Metro.

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