Strong glutes, much more than aesthetics!

The glutes are bulky muscles that can develop a lot of strength: their activation and strengthening through regular training and simple daily activities improves body posture by increasing the stability of the spine, which has a positive impact on health

Strong glutes, much more than aesthetics!

Without effort no physical benefit is achieved. Photo: Basic-Fit.

Showing off toned, firm buttocks with a harmonious profile, which enhance the whole figure of the body, is one of the goals of many people who train physically, just like having a flat stomach and defined abs, but the importance of this group muscular covers much more than mere aesthetic reasons.

“Strong glutes improve body posture and bring health”, they point out from the European chain of gyms Basic-Fit (BF), which provides face-to-face training and in an ‘online’ format called GXR Bootyfocused on working this part of the body and legs, in what is known as the “lower train”.

Booty-GXR modality collective class. Photo: Basic-Fit.

The glutes are very bulky muscles and are capable of developing a lot of force. Its activation and strengthening improves the body posturethanks to the increase in stability of the column, BF experts point out.

If the glutes and other muscles, such as hamstrings and those of backthey are all strong together, this allows you to maintain a correct body posture naturally, he reports Paula Vercauterenspecialist in ‘fitness’ (good physical form), from Basic-Fit International.

According to Vercauteren, the more developed these three muscle groups are, the better posture we will maintain in our daily life.

“There are two exercises that are usually part of any glute-focused workout. They are called ‘squats‘ and ‘deadlift‘”.

The expert describes below some practical keys to doing these movements correctly.

Seat exercise

  • one. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart.
  • two. Find a fixed point in front of you that you can look towards during the exercise and focus your gaze on that point.
  • three. Slowly bend your hips and knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor, as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair.
  • four. Stay in this position, sitting on your imaginary chair for a few seconds and stand back up to the starting position.
  • five. To add more difficulty, you can perform sit-ups by placing a dumbbell or barbell on your shoulders, or holding a kettlebell with your arms stretched out in front of your chest. The further you separate your legs, the more difficult the exercise will be, as the quadriceps and glutes will have to work harder.
Photo: Basic-Fit

Deadlift Exercise

According to BF, it is a very technical exercise with which “the hamstrings and glutes work hard”, and which must be done correctly to obtain good results and avoid injuries.

  • one. Place a barbell with discs on the floor in front of you.
  • two. Place your feet hip-width apart and grab the bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • three. Make sure your arms are straight with your thumbs pointing inward. Keeping your arms straight, raise the bar above the point between your feet.
  • four. It’s important that you “don’t use your arms or back to lift the bar,” as you only have to use your glutes and legs, according to BF.

Daily activities that keep your glutes strong

Aside from aesthetics, the glutes have a major role in the body, in both men and women, Vercauteren points out.

He points out that the gluteus maximus is the main hip extensor muscle, while the gluteus medius stabilizes the pelvis.

Having strong glutes is essential for moving with ease, agility and safety, and also for counteracting muscle weakness and other damage caused to the body by the sitting posture, in which many of us spend a large part of the day, according to the specialist .

In our day-to-day life, we can perform different activities that strengthen our glutes, such as climbing the stairs (that are not mechanical) and avoiding the use of elevators, for example when being in a Metro station (underground transport) or a shopping center, suggests Paula Vercauteren.

When performing a routine task, such as picking up things that have been scattered around the house, we can try squatting, which allows the legs and glutes to work simultaneously, and also helps protect our backs, according to the BF expert.

Holds Vercauteren that when we are at work or studying we spend a lot of time sitting, and that in these postures “we can also strengthen the glutes if we keep them tight, preferably from the outside, creating strength towards the inside”.

While we are sitting we can also exercise the legs, raising them and making circles with each of the lower limbs, alternately and for 30 seconds with each leg, he points out.

“The bigger the circle, the greater the effort the glutes will make, since this exercise works the muscles of the entire leg up to the upper part”, explains the expert.

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