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“Stresslaxing”, overwhelming at rest

Don’t you know how to enjoy doing nothing? Do you feel guilty when you rest? Learn how to get rid of stress laxing, the feeling that affects perfectionists, anticipators and workaholics.

Since the incorporation of telecommuting in our day-to-day life, the boundaries between work and rest are beginning to disappear: The syndrome dubbed com stress relaxing it is starting to become a problem for a large part of the population. Do you know what it is? How to face it?

At EFEsalut we have Pilar Conde, psychologist and technical director of Clíniques Origento deepen this feeling that finds its main victims among perfectionists, anticipators and workaholics.

Learn about “stresslaxing”

This distressing feeling of wasting time has a name stress relaxing is the foreignism which is used to refer to this syndrome, this overwhelming feeling at rest.

“The concept refers to the person’s difficulty in disconnecting or being able to enjoy moments of relaxation, of not doing anything,” says the psychologist.

“I should be doing sports”, “I should spend more hours reading”, “I should be cleaning the house”… These intrusive thoughts they penetrate us and condition the way we live our day to day.

It is clear that the rest it is a priority for our health and well-being.

But, what is the key in this regard? Pilar Conde explains that there must be one adequate stress management.

Tips to combat stress laxing

This feeling is intrinsically related to the personality. To get out of this vicious circle we must take into account certain guidelines, which will vary depending on the profile:

  • If we are perfectionists… In this sense, the personal belief of each one takes on special importance: Why do we have to do everything right? What does it mean to be wrong? In this way, the patient is meant to open his mind.
  • If we are anxious… Rumination processes feed back on their anxiety, so they work not only on understanding the situation, but also by breaking with the activities on which security is based.
  • If we are workaholics… Not knowing how to compartmentalize is a problem. The need for success, the sense of fulfillment they find at work ends up defining identity, so working on self-esteem is the way to go.
EFE/ Kai Forsterling

But as a general rule…

Of course, there are a series of guidelines that are applicable to any profile:

  • Disconnect from work. Setting boundaries outside of work hours is important to disconnect from this routine.
  • Consult a professional. There are several stress management tools you can turn to.
  • Accept uncomfortable thoughts. Thus, we stay committed to our self-care goals.
  • Incorporates “non-activity”. Allocate time to devote to other matters.

In short, Pilar Conde stipulates the acceptance i understanding like the key points.

“Be understanding with what I can come to demand of myself, but also accept the needs I have to work with in my day to day, such as self-care, time in personal life”, says the specialist.

At the end of the day, and as the technical director of the Origen Clinics defends, the question is learn to enjoy the art of doing nothing.

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