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Undoubtedly, he is one of the most recognized and iconic characters not only in the stories but also in the cinema. The first animated version of Pinocchio premiered in 1940 and was Disney’s second animated feature after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. How is the new Pinocchio movie?

An interesting date is that the original version from the decade of the 40s, is considered one of the best Disney films ever made and one of the most animated films, with a 100% positive rating on the specialized site. Rotten tomatoes.

The cast of the new Pinocho film

The cast includes Tom Hanks, who plays Gepetto, the carpenter who builds and takes care of the protagonist of this story as if he were his son. While Pinocho is in charge of Benjamin Evan Ainsworth.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Pepe Grillo (who acts as Pinocchio’s guide and is like his “conscience”), Cynthia Erivo is El Hada Azul, Keegan-Michael Key is El Honrado Juan, Lorraine Bracco is Sofía la Gaviota (a new character) and Luke Evans is The Coachman.

Pinocho is directed by Robert Zemeckis, winner of the Oscar Award, recognized for having been behind the camera in dozens of successful films such as The Polar Express, Volver al Futuro, Cast Away, Forrest Gump, ¿Quién engañó a Roger Rabbit? and Contact, among others.

Premiere during Disney Plus Day 2022

The world celebration of Disney+ Day will return on Thursday, September 8, 2022, the date on which Disney Plus will offer special experiences for fans and subscribers. In addition, it will premiere new content from its main brands, including the new Pinocchio movie with its live version.

In addition to Pinocchio, Disney+ will announce in the coming months closer to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. Disney+ Day will be held as part of D23 Expo: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event, presented by Visa in Anaheim, California.

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