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As we will publish this week, the highest grossing film in a pandemic has a date for streaming. It will be on July 22nd. But Spider-Man 3 No Way Home does not release in HBO Max all over the world.

The film will be screened in Latin America via the Warner Bros. platform. Discovery, although in other countries, will be seen in other streaming services. In the case of the United States, for example, it will be through Starz.

Why isn’t Spider-Man 3 No Way Home premiered on HBO Max worldwide?

Due to the rights of the character of Spider-Man, Marvel ceded them to Sony Pictures at the age of 90, which was in a difficult financial situation, Sony signed various agreements.

For films released until 2021 in theaters, the stars move to Starz in the United States now HBO Max in Latin America.

For the films that will be released in theaters between 2022 and 2026, the Sony Pictures releases will first debut on Netflix and then on Disney Plus in the United States. At least for 2022, it will continue to premiere on HBO Max in Latin America.

The future of Spider-Man

The arrival of Spider-Man 4 has already been confirmed, although there are no dates yet. In addition to the return of Tom Holland in his double character Peter Parker and Spider-Man, he will also star in Zendaya to play Michelle Jones and Jacob Batalon as Ned. In addition, Jon Watts would return to be the director of the fourth arachnid installment, after confirming his farewell as director of “Los 4 Fantásticos”.

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