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Spain’s first trashy movie channel

Runtime Trash, the first channel dedicated exclusively to garbage cinema, was presented this week in Madrid and is now available on the Runtime platform which includes the widest FAST cinema offer on the market.

Trash movie (main feature of Runtime Trash) is a term used by critics to refer to a type of films that flooded theater circuits and later video clubs with superlative plots about monstrous creatures, apocalyptic tapes and depraved killers. Characterized by low-budget productions, it became its own genre with prominent and returning directors and actors.

The Ripper of New York

Link to the Runtime website

Runtime Trash starts its journey with more than 100 titles in programming thanks to its distribution agreements with producers specializing in the genre, among which we highlight: Beyond Re-animator: A prison doctor who resurrects the dead, starring Santiago Segura. Arachnid: A spider resulting from a NASA genetic experiment escapes and sows chaos. Killer Mountain: An enormous snake devours all the unwary who decide to climb the mountain. The Ripper of New York: A killer who talks like a duck and grotesquely kills young people.

Runtime trash

Review of Cine Escombaries: The Movie (2017)

Spanish cinema deserves special mention thanks to an agreement with Video Mercury Films, owner of the largest Spanish cinema catalog. stand out Supersonic Man i The night has a thousand screams -directed by Juan Piquer Simón-, The monsters of terror -with a script and interpretation by the reference of the genre Paul Naschy-, supernova – the first and only film of the singer Marta Sánchez – o Low City i Killer Babies -written and directed by Jesús Franco-.

Beyond re-animator

At a time of proliferation of payment platforms, Runtime consolidates and expands its free proposition to the user with a better service since, in addition to VOD, it offers its titles in easy-to-access linear channels. With this bet Runtime is presented as the free and open-access cinema alternative (no registration) in front of the payment proposals.

Runtime trash

The platform, which was launched only a few months ago, has already exceeded 120,000 users and has more than 750 movies on demand, series and 11 very well categorized linear channels. In the words of the Runtime team:

“We love that people share accounts and can see all our content for free”

The Fox

Runtime Trash is now available on Runtime (app and web) and soon on TIVIFY and other distribution platforms it is in talks with.

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