Sing 2 premieres on HBO Max online and streaming this August 12 —

One of the most successful animated films of 2021, with more than 400 million dollars of global revenue can finally be seen online and in streaming from this August 12. After much doubt as to which platform it would land on, Sing 2 premieres in HBO Max.

Despite some internal changes to the structure of HBO Max, a product of Discovery’s purchase of WarnerBros, the streaming service continues to boast several big-name movie releases, including “Spider-Man: No Way Home», «The Batman» and «Uncharted».

What is Ven i Canta de Nou about?

The new film introduces Koala Buster Moon, who together with his star cast and managed to have the theater of his dreams, wants to achieve another of his goals and prepare to launch his performance on stage most extravagant and dazzling to date.

There is only one small problem: first they have to persuade to join them, the world’s most lonely and sad rock star, who is played by the legendary music icon, Bono, who is making his animated film debut.

Canta 2: Ven i Canta de Nuevo brings four new characters who enrich the story, each with their own personality. One of them is Clay Calloway, a lion whose professional life stops when the love of his life dies. This character in the English version has Bono (of U2) as an interpreter, while in its Spanish version it is Chayanne who gives the voice.

Another one of the new ones is Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale), a very famous music producer who is always on the lookout for new ideas that look innovative for the shows they produce. He has a young daughter named Porsha (Halsey), as talented as she is capricious.

The fourth character is Jimmy’s assistant, Suki Lane, who is in charge of getting new ideas.

Sing 2 premieres on HBO Max

So far, several animated titles from Universal, Illumination and Dreamworks have come to Netflix. Without an embargo, the platform is losing outsourced content and facing new business models, including a plan with cheaper advertising and more dependent on its original content.

The premiere of Sing 2 en HBO Max is another demonstration of power from the entertainment giant, available from August 12. Another excellent reason to subscribe, considering that, on August 21st, his new star series La Casa del Dragón (House the Dragon), based on Game of Thrones, will arrive.

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