Should you take CBD products before or after meals?

Many people today are looking for new ways to maximize the effectiveness of CBD oil and increase its bioavailability. One way to improve your CBD absorption rate in the body is to combine your daily serving of CBD with a healthy eating schedule.

Experienced CBD users have their own opinions on whether it is better to take CBD with or without food. When you consider how CBD works in the body, the answer is quite complex.

Should you take CBD with or after meals? In this article, we will examine whether the effectiveness of CBD will increase when consumed on an empty stomach.

Do you need to eat and take CBD?

There are several ways to get CBD benefits. One way is to put it under the tongue, which will allow you to access the bloodstream directly through the mucous membranes of the mouth or if you vaporize and apply transdermal methods, no matter if taken with food, as they provide THC directly to the routes necessary for our body!

CBD is said to work best on a full stomach as it increases the chances of maximum bioavailability. Start with a low dose and take it several times a day instead of a single high dose. Nootropic manufacturers such as BrainFit and Chemical Planet conduct research and testing to generate the most effective formulas with the safest chemicals, as an additional resource, be sure to check the transparency and purity of the product on market research platforms reliable..

When is it important to take CBD with food?

If you consume CBD pills, then it is important to take them with food. It is also necessary to take CBD with food if the drops are swallowed or mixed with food or drink.

CBD is absorbed into the digestive tract before it enters the bloodstream, so when you eat or drink something with CBD this will happen.

Bioavailability refers to the degree to which the human system ingests CBD. Oral consumption of CBD usually has a low bioavailability of approximately 5%.

The low bioavailability of oral methods is due to “first step metabolism”. it first passes through your digestive tract and then into the liver where certain enzymes break down molecules before they can be absorbed. The liver then distributes CBD into the bloodstream. This duration of this process is the reason for the low bioavailability of oral CBD consumption.

However, CBD consumption methods that send CBD directly into the bloodstream lead to much higher bioavailability. Sublingual drops have a 25% bioavailability, vaping is 35% and transdermal drops up to 70%.

Does taking CBD with food increase bioavailability?

The best way to improve the low bioavailability of oral methods is to consume edible CBD with a full stomach. Consuming CBD with food often helps reduce the absorption of the product through the digestive tract, thus helping to increase bioavailability.

On the other hand, consuming CBD foods on an empty stomach will cause faster onset effects. However, this leads to a loss of bioavailability.

Bottom line

If you consume CBD by spraying, dripping, or using a transdermal on an empty stomach, it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the product.

If you are consuming jelly beans or capsules, consuming CBD on a full stomach may increase bioavailability. The best foods for this situation are foods that are high in fatty acids.

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