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Seven keys to show love

“Manifestation”, a mental focus practice consisting of cultivating positive thoughts, visualizing what we desire and attracting it into our lives in a conscious and practical way, can make the dream of meeting our ideal ‘half orange’ a reality, according to a personal improvement specialist.

In February “love is in the air” as emphasized by the catchy refrain of the song “Love is in the air” (1978), by the Australian singer John Paul Young.

February is not only “the month of lovers” but it is also an ideal time to fall in love and start moving through the new year as a couple, with a relationship that brings us happiness i fullness.

But how can we make it a reality…?

Do you know the practice of “Manifestation?

Show love keys
The first date can offer pleasant surprises. Photo: Chewy/Unsplash.

The practice of “Manifestation,” or manifesting into our lives what we desire, using positive thoughts, emotions, visualizations, and affirmations, can help turn our desires into reality and attract love, according to the growth and personal improvement specialist Francesca Amberbased in London (United Kingdom).

Amber points out that the “Law of Attraction”one of the sides of which is “Manifestation”, has changed his life “completely and for the better” after having been studying it, applying it and sharing it for more than ten years.

When he learned that most of those looking for a partner have struggled with negative thoughts in his appointments, he began to work on a series of practical advice to learn to “manifest” and use this practice before and during meetings with those people with whom we could start a relationship and, therefore, love emerge.

These are tips to “be clear about what we want in the love field, project it to the world and get it sooner”, which Amber has turned into a Guide to Manifest Your Appointmentdeveloped in joint work with a team of experts from the global dating application badoo.

What is the use of “Manifest”?

To manifest something is to make it appear, almost out of nowhere.

It consists of bringing a little of the world of dreams to the physical world and integrating it into your daily life, they explain from the “online” personal growth platform Mindvalley or MVabout this practice with roots in the spirituality and the psychology.

Keys love specialist Francesca Amber
Francesca Amber, along with her favorite books on the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. Photo: Francesca Amber/Law of attraction changes my life

According to this source, conscious and positive “Manifestation” or “self-manifestation” is another way of describing the “Law of Attraction”, a philosophy according to which thoughts are energy units capable of returning to the person an amount of energy similar to that emitted, and that when they are positive they attract positive results in this person’s life.

Attract what we want

The “Law of Attraction” has been described in books such as “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne; “The Law of Attraction” by Michael Losier or “The Key: Living by the Law of Attraction” by Jack Canfield.

When we manifest something in our life it is because we consciously believe it. Manifesting is about bringing our biggest dreams and aspirations (the job of our dreams, love or a trip around the world) into the physical world through the “Law of Attraction”, they point out from Mindvalley.

“Focus on what you desire and attract it through what you think, say and do. This is essentially the Manifestation”, he points out for his part psychotherapist Denise Fournier.

To attract into our lives “what we want and which at the same time wants us and awaits us”, we must ask the universe, focus our thoughts in what we desire with feelings of enthusiasm and gratitude and feeling that we have already obtained it, and being open to receive it, according to some followers of this philosophy.

It would be a kind of “magnetism that we generate and project”, she explains additionally psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Manifest love keys
Putting our love aspirations in writing can help us define them better and be clearer. Photo provided by Badoo

Guide to manifesting possible love

Based on the principles of Manifestation and Attraction, Amber and Badoo created the following Guide to Manifest Your Appointmentwhere they teach “the steps we can take to create the experience we want by meeting people and creating bonds with them, being clear about what you want and telling the world, so that it is more likely to achieve it”.

1. First of all, love yourself!

Build a life you love, full of friendships, family, hobbies, travel…whatever you want. Never depend on a partner to enjoy the things you love in life.

Live this life already, and if you’re looking for a partner, let it be because it contributes, enhances this life or shares it with you.

2. Define your intention

We may be tempted to compare new experiences to those we’ve had before, but it’s important to go on dates with the open mind and a positive attitude.

Open your mind and let people show you what they are like. Set that intention and make your goal simply to have fun.

3. Create a visual board

Make one panel to view what you are looking for in your relationships and include a list of the values ​​and characteristics you want your future partner to have.

Write a list of the “non-negotiables” that are truly important to you. So, if you start dating someone and love blinds you, they will be able to clearly see what factors are decisive in your relationship.

4. Increase your mental space

empty intentionally some space a your mind each week to allow the entry of what is new and then order your life and your environmentmaking physical space in your home and your closet and getting rid of everything that no longer serves you.

The idea is to “clear with intention,” so that you only fill the clear space with the time of dating experiences you want to attract.

5. Visualize yourself in your ideal relationship

The visualization (imagining with visible features something that is not in sight) is an effective “manifestation” tool if done regularly.

Try to imagine how you feel with your future partner and the things you would do togetherinstead of trying to imagine what that person would look like physically or how they would behave, as Amber and Badoo’s guide recommends.

6. Try to be what you want to attract

If you’re looking for a partner who likes fitness, going to the gym and working out, you have to be and act like it first.

If you want an adventurous couple who hikes hiking trails in the mountains on the weekends and who loves to travel, do it too!

We are like a mirror and we attract what we are, do and think. So… become the personification of what you desire.

7. Remember that a partner does not define you

Being in a relationship does not solve your life, nor does it make you a better person. The happier you are with your life, the more secure you are in yourself/and the more capacity you have to grow and evolve with someone, the more successful you will be in meeting people, concludes the Guide to Manifest Your Appointment.

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