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“SANEM” by Cofares for people with few resources

With the aim of making it easier for people with fewer resources to access pharmaceutical treatments not financed by Public Health, the Foundation of the Spanish pharmaceutical cooperative Cofares has promoted the “SANAMOS” initiative.

The “SANAMOS” project aims to ensure that people “with names and surnames” who have less do not have to give up unfunded treatments that have been prescribed by a doctor, as he explained during the presentation of this initiative the director of the Cofares Foundation, Sofia Azcona.

The requirements to be a beneficiary of these grants are that there is evidence of insufficient income to meet daily needs, guaranteed by a social worker from the town hall, NGO or social association.

Cofares Sanamos
The director of the Foundation, Sofia Azcona, in the center of the image with the honorary president, Félix Martínez. Photo EFESalut

Program requirements

Also, that the doctor or pharmacist have evidence of the existence of a medication report, which states the need to use certain medications, which are not financed.

The request for the aid provided by “SANAMOS” can be made through Cofares partner Pharmacy Offices and through Foundations or NGOs.

The aid has a duration of six months, which can be extended, as explained by Azcona.

As examples of pharmaceutical treatments, the director of the Foundation has indicated those for dermatitis, anti-parasitic, anti-lice, constipation or for dry eyes, among others.

“Imagine that with one hundred euros you can prevent a head lice infestation in a family,” said the director of the Cofares Foundation during the presentation.

Cofarets we heal
Cofares sanitary products storage plant/Photo provided by Cofares

Once the aid is authorized after verifying, through the social workers, that the people are living in a precarious situation, it is the Cofares member and collaborating pharmacies that dispense the treatment and the Foundation pays for it.

The funds for this purpose come from donations from companies in the sector and individuals.

International side

The Sanam program also has an international aspect, through which the Foundation collaborates with the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) and with the Armed Forces to send medicines to countries such as Ukraine, at war, and Turkey, struck by the earthquake, as well as developing countries.

In this sense, Azcona has ensured that the Foundation has the technical, logistical and legal means to facilitate the handling of medicines, with the traceability they need.

All the information is available on the Cofares website, in addition to the application to process the aid.

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