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Rocío Oyanguren has just fulfilled one of his most longed-for dreams: to compile in a book his most practical, nutritious and economical recipes, which he has named ‘Las Recetas de Yo Madre’, a name that also leads the digital community that leads the success through your Instagram @yomadrerospace where it motivates its thousands of fans to beat theirs and feel proud of every dish they make, because for Rocío, an empowering recipe!

This book is part of the ‘World Food Day’ which is launched in the magazine Cosas, October edition, the influencer gastronomy rescues those recipes that make everyday life easierbut they are still rich and of high nutritional value, making it clear that with a little patience and creativity, you can create the best dishes on a low budget, and with menu proposals ranging from 8 to 12 soles for 4 people.

I am very excited about this book, because cooking has always been my passion. As a child I dreamed of becoming a Teresa Ocampo, whom I admired through the screens with her famous program What will I cook? But also I was lucky enough to grow up with my mother’s rich aromas and flavorswho was able to turn simple chicken bones into the best stew in the world, or a can of tuna, into the most desired family delicacy ”, account of his childhood.

“So we live everything in the world of cooking, today it’s called ‘Mother’s Recipes’continues Rocío, who also had the opportunity to lead the program ‘Cocina con Causa’ promoted by the United Nations to eradicate anemia and child malnutrition.

In this recipe, each preparation is accompanied by an approximate expense, cooking time, lists of inputs that you should not miss in the pantry, weight guide and measurements using utensils for daily use, and more than 50 easy-to-prepare recipesand that they will motivate their readers to create their own versions, because they will realize that the world of cooking is infinite, based on the tips and recommendations that each preparation includes.

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