REVIEW The She-Hulk series is the best of Marvel and Disney Plus of 2022 —

Forget about any other Disney, Marvel or Star Wars series they’ve seen in 2022. The She-Hulk series in Disney Plus is the best of the year, and the first chapter called “A Normal Feeling of Anger” is a breath of fresh air in Phase 4 of the MCU.

The first thing that becomes clear is that She-Hulk is funny in every way: it’s the series, it’s its protagonist, it’s its script, it’s its relationship with its first Bruce Banner and even the moments when Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, le habla a cámara, a resource used by several programs that does not always work well, but here, it flows wonderfully.

Why the She-Hulk series is the best of 2022 on Disney Plus?

She-Hulk is nimble, not only as a superhero, but in the way she tells the story. He does not dwell on melodramas or sophisticated explanations of how he got his powers, which are different from those in the comic, but do not cause major problems.

Without entering into comparisons of what we saw in WandaVision or in MoonKnight or in Loki, this series definitely has something that the previous ones didn’t have. He understands what a television program is and how it should be, beyond the fact that it is transmitted by streaming.

While previous Marvel series felt like movie narratives brought to the series format, emphasizing plot (often extremely contrived) to the detriment of TV structure, She-Hulk understands the basics of what viewers want to see.

With its structure of short chapters, full of action and dialogues that play a lot with humor, it is very similar to the TV series, using CGI technology to give shape to the characters of Hulk and She-Hulk, which – with the budgets. of streaming different from those of cinema – they are more than well achieved.

REVIEW The She-Hulk series is Marvel and Disney Plus' best of 2022

How was the first episode?

Chapter 1 initially shows Jennifer and Bruce on a road, when they are intercepted by a Sakaarian alien ship, causing them to have a car accident. There, Bruce in his Hulk form, contaminates Jennifer’s blood with his blood. And there, she gets her powers, although without all the negative charge that Bruce went through. She can go from She-Hulk to Jennifer seamlessly and never loses consciousness.

Something positive is that although they do not appear on the scene, Tony Stark and Captain America appear in the section. Tony built the lab to Bruce Banner. And Jennifer’s interest in knowing if Captain America was a virgin also has its answer.

The best so far?

While many reviews have talked about Loki or WandaVision or Ms. Marvel or What If or…. were the best to see on the platform for X reasons, there are not two things left from the S serieshe-Hulk is the best of Marvel and Disney Plus in 2022.

A fair combination of comedy, in a funny female character, with the great accompaniment of Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. And much more to come. 🙂

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