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Review ‘The School of Good and Evil’ [Netflix]: Youth fantasy

‘The School of Good and Evil’ comes to netflix in a film of just over two hours. A fable inspired by the books that give it its name and that netflix has been able to reflect very well on the small screen. For fans of adult fables written for young people.

‘The School of Good and Evil’ it brings back to the table the balance that light and darkness must have in order not to fall into chaos. A new twist that takes as a reference the saga of Soman Chainani. It is the story of two friends each bathed in their portion of light and darkness, like a white swan and a black swan. Every four years the school principal kidnapped two children from Gabaldon to train them in the mysteries of dark magic and good magic. No one knew what was going on here, but the chosen ones never came back from this school. Legends were created around them making one a villain and the other a hero.

The School of Good and Evil JAMIE FLATTERS

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The protagonists of the film are Sophie i Agatha (typical witch name), two completely different girls. On the one hand there was Sophie who had always dreamed of being a princess. He was on the other side Agatha , who never wanted the power they wanted to give him. By works of the destination their roles were exchanged in history. Agatha they directed her to the good school already Sophie in the school of evil All this happens because of the designs of the beings of good and evil, who, looking for entertainment, decide to create chaos in both houses. The worst thing is that in the film they tend

At this point is where a film begins that is presented to us as a classic tale, with its era once included. Like all fables, be careful what you wish for. What Sophie wish it is power no matter what becomes its curse. Agate’s struggle to help her friend marks the end of a film that is at least entertaining. The approach right from the start is adult enough to hook you.

The School of Good and Evil SOPHIA ANNE CARUSO

It is a youthful adventure with adult touches, which does not detract from a story very well written by the author. Although the characters in the film are not as deep as in the books, the truth is that their convictions, desires and ambitions are very well reflected in the film. From the moment the two friends seal the pact until they enter the school, everything goes exactly as on the pages. The truth is that the licenses taken by the film do not quite work, but even so, the result is more than satisfactory for both the viewer and the reader.

The star appearance of Charlize Theron as the headmistress of the school of evil is a lure for a film that boasts an ambitious cast. The ending leaves the story open just like the existing books. It must not be forgotten that it is the first of a trilogy, centered on the ancestral struggle between good and evil, showing the villains as human characters, and the heroes as imperfect, full of doubts.


Starring by Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Yeoh, Sofia Wylie, Sophie Anne Caruso, Jamie Flatters, Earl Cave i Kit Young others. Directed by Paul Feig, no expense has been spared to adapt the work in a masterful way. We are facing an entertaining film with a youthful tone and very faithful to the written work. Magic, witches, demons, fairies and other creatures of fantasy mythology are present in a very well done story that promises to turn the books into a franchise within the platform.

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