Review ‘The Death of Dick Long’ (2019) [Filmin]: Who doesn’t matter

The Death of Dick Long is a film directed by Daniel Scheinertone of the creators of the surprise of the year, Everything in the Voice in Totes Parts. A tape centered on the death of Dick Long, a “redneck” as we have seen in hundreds of movies from southernmost North America. A black comedy focused on the stupidity of those involved which unfortunately deflates more and more.

First they rehearse with the band.

The death of Dick Long it has a very interesting premise; two friends leave a third at the doors of a hospital and run away. No one, except the two colleagues, know what they did that night after a rehearsal with the band they both have. Yes, they also have a band on the ‘Nickelback’ roll. The colleague they left parked at the door of a hospital is Dick Long, and he is dead. Now comes the million dollar question. how did he die For the strange thing about this whole affair is not how he was killed, but how he could die like that. A full-fledged black comedy with a suspense that catches us until we can answer the question I asked. Granit a granit they are passing on more and more mysterious information while paying tribute to the American cinema of great directors like Tarantinothe Cohen… Of course, everything takes place in a tiny town where almost nothing happens. Everyone there knows each other, and the fact that a corpse has appeared, all the characters, they assume a killer is on the loose. A town where the sheriff is an old woman who must always carry her cane, does not carry a shotgun; they are from the south, but not so much. There, perhaps, the most interesting thing that could have happened in this town is the pandemic. A story that borders on family drama and black comedy; yes, it’s a terrible idea.


Then they were placed as cubesThe Death of Dick Long, Sarah Baker

It could have been better, but no. Because as in every good story of ‘Discover the murder’ (‘Discover the how’ on this occasion) the answer about who has been must be reached to the end, so that the viewers have to wait not only to be intrigued to the end, but also because we draw our own conclusions. Because we go into history and they have us with their hearts in their fists. But this time, they drop the bomb early, and this deflates the film. In fact, the most interesting thing in the film happens at the beginningwhen they have a very clear goal.

But the minutes pass and you realize that Dick Long’s death wasn’t that important to hide. The footage goes by and you feel this need to wait for something to happen. The thrill of intrigue and suspense that comes from knowing what will happen in the next few minutes turns into a show of headless chickens. A pity like the family drama it is becoming. I say again; an interesting premise, but poorly executed. I think there are moments where they veer away from black comedy before even converting to drama. On the other hand, the sheriff and his partner do not seem to have rehearsed their roles very well let’s say. Cold, with some situation that turns into ridiculous scenes. However, the worst is when both of them have dialogues with each other. They seem to be making fun of us here.


And to end the night, we leave a dead man in the hospitalThe Death of Dick Long, Virginia Newcomb

Personally, I was bored in the second half of the footage. The thinera is a chain of situations that wrap you up in questions about the death of Dick Long; as it should be After, it’s like the story is drowning in an attempt to get us back into the plot. Because as I said before, if you reveal the secret too early, the plot is in jeopardy. Seeing other perspectives of The death of Dick Long, the story combines songs we have always heard; so the soundtrack is interesting. I don’t think it’s a movie to suspend, but it should improve in certain aspects.

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