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Review of ‘The triangle of sadness’ (2022): high society satire

The triangle of sadness invites us to explore high society when great misfortunes befall it. A brilliant satire that premieres today, February 17, in cinemas.

The triangle of sadness is a social satire of high society and director Ruben Östlund’s last film to win the Palme d’Orthe first prize at the Cannes festival, as it becomes Östlund’s second to receive it after ‘The square’ in 2017. The film itself does not necessarily count for anything new, but the way it represents the mechanisms of inequality in today’s society is enormously entertaining. If this does not sound interesting to you or you think that the director will take it upon himself to try to raise the awareness of the viewer with big speeches, nothing is so, because the approach directly shows the ridiculousness of the different situations that occur with people who live on another level. The triangle of sadness has one provocative script and that gives with many keys, guaranteeing more fun and contributing a very correct point of view of society.

The triangle of sadness it is structured in three distinct actseach highlighting the nature of our social interactions. The first part introduces the central protagonists of the film: Carl, a male model played by Harris Dickinson who is in a relationship with influencer and model Yaya, played by Charlbi Dean. She’s more famous and makes more money than him, but she still wants Carl to always foot the bill. The second act takes place aboard a luxury yacht, where Yaya has been invited by her fans. Both are a little out of place while super rich, they will try to adapt. The third part moves the setting to a remote islandwhere the power dynamic will be reversed.

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Game of classes

The triangle of sadness

The dynamics that arise on the yacht a The triangle of sadness it’s fascinating. Carl and Yaya know a a variety of colorful people, many of which will drag a running gag -recurring joke- during the film with very satisfactory results. The same yacht it functions as a showcase where Östlund visually presents the different levels of society. At the higher level are found super rich or upper classwho will ‘force’ crew members to attend to their often eccentric demands, which they will make you put your hands on your head. these first crew members or middle class are located at lower level and they enjoy the sums tips what they can achieve Another level in the depths of the yacht reveals to us the second group of employees or lower classwhich are the in charge of stocking the service rooms, cooking or cleaning the bathrooms and are represented by people of color. The captainplayed by Woody Harrelson, the supposed highest authority on board, is one drunken lunatic which represents when someone from a lower level rises to a higher level. Everything is a disaster, which is reaffirmed by the climax of the second act.

An incredible 15 minute sequence of gastrointestinal mayhemintentionally disgusting, though hilarious to see, he becomes a great equalizer for characters where the social levels are equal. We watch with morbid curiosity as these people who enjoy high status are gradually reduced to a more mundane level. The third section of the film continues to be based on the idea of ​​exchanging or equalizing social levels and this time it completely inverts the power structure. A handful of characters are stranded on an island and Östlund shows us very intelligently how extreme circumstances can change a personregardless of the social extract to which it belongs.

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Humor and reflection

The triangle of sadness

The triangle of sadness it shows us directly the gradual change of how high society goes down levels until it comes face to face with the lowest. Östlund accomplishes this in one way hypnotic through some very colorful characters who bring a constant streak of dark humor, helping to make the subject that is presented, which from the beginning could be heavy, a pleasure to witness. None of them end the same way they started watching the transition is part of the fun. Also, it’s one of those movies that at the end it makes you thinkso that finally it brings something besides entertaining. It might not be a movie for everyone because of the scatological images that can be seen in the trailer, but far from it, it is a highly recommended film.

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