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Review of ‘Shadow and Bone’ – Season 2 (2023)[Netflix]: Amplifying lights and shadows

Shadow and Bone returns two years later. Based on the popular young adult literary saga by Leigh Bardugo, Santa Alina returns with a much more intense and dark second season. Will our protagonists manage to end the shadow and the Dark?

Shadow and Bone keep alternating between two stories and two well-differentiated groups of characters and various On the one hand Alina, Mal and the grays of the trilogy of ‘Shadow and Bone’ and Kaz Brekker and his band of biology’Six of Crows‘. That is why it intertwines the plots of the two groups, with certain licenses, but quite conveniently, playing with suspense and cliffhangers.

Shadow and Bone 01

Alina and Mal’s journey

After the events of the first season, Kirigan he managed to survive the Shadow and now seeks revenge accompanied by the Death Eaters nichevo’ja, two creatures formed from her. Meanwhile, Alina and Mal will set out in search of the other two legendary creatures, the sea scourge and the fire bird. With their remains they will be able to manufacture the two amplifiers with which the Summoner of the Sun can face the Dark. On the journey they will meet old acquaintances and new faces such as the mysterious privateer Sturmhond and his loyal escorts, the Shu warriors and brothers, Tolya and Tamar.

The formation of Six of Corbs

On the other hand we have a Kaz Brekker and his faithful companions, Jesper and Inejto those he will add, the mortifier will be added Doll Zenik and the young man Wylan Van Eck, explosives expert. The raven leader and his gang, in their struggle to gain control of the city, will seek revenge against Pekka Rollingsthe king of the Barrel and most powerful man in Ketterdam.

Shadow and Bone 02

‘Shadow and Bone’ Review – Season 1 (2021)

Expanding the world of Shadow and Bone

The production design remains one of the series’ greatest hits. In this second season, in addition to the already known Ravka and Kerch, we will get to know better other regions of the universe of Shadow and Bone how Shu Han or Novyi Zemmanaging to immerse ourselves in theirs cultures i folklore thanks to great costumes and make-up. This gives more context to the world of graying and helps us get to know the diverse cast of characters better.

everything is attention to the smallest detail, thanks to the involvement of the author herself as executive producer. Casting, costumes and make-up, creatures, transport, sets and architecture… This is one ambitious adaptation and in this sense it will not disappoint the fans.

Shadow and Bone 03

The soundtrack run again in charge of Joseph Trapanese, experienced in fantasy products such as ‘The Witcher’. Although of a continuo style, the new characters and countries bring different airs and exotic nuances to the music of the first part. The visual effects scratch a very good level and above have been produced in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​by the hand of the already prestigious studio El Ranchito (‘Game of Thrones’).

The downside is that so many characters at once and too much information about the world of graying (places, magic, legends) can overwhelm the viewer that he hasn’t read the books. It is solved with the passing of the episodes, with which the public gets to know the mythology and characters of the saga better and better.

Meet the Grishaverse: Guand to understand the world of Shadow and Bone

A charismatic and diverse cast

The distribution of Shadow and Bonedespite his youth, he manages to offer us some compelling characterscharismatic and well developed, including the great new additions by Paddy Gibson (Tolkien), Jack Wolfe, Lewis Tan (Mortal Kombat) and Anna Leong Brophy. Always led by Ben Barnesand quite a veteran in fantasy productions and to whom the roles of villains feel wonderful lately.

Despite trying to be youth fantasy, Shadow and Bone it is much more serious than the average This one doesn’t try to soften the moments nor is it cut to show liters of blood and gore in the battles We are facing a much longer season dark and dramatic and this is also seen in the evolution of our protagonists.

Shadow and Bone 04

Although the stock It’s a lot positive, I have to admit that I have mixed feelings. In its final bars, the series departs from the original novels with one closure and direction that may surprise fans of the saga As a reader of the books I do not understand their decision, but we will have to wait until the third season to see where they want to take us.

Shadow and Bone continue with a season superior to the first in terms of scale, epic and adventures, with one great production but with risky decisions and controversial in the final stretch. With Netflix’s recent spate of cancellations, you will have to pray to Santa Alina so we can see the end of our beloved grays with at least one more final season.

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