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Review of ‘[REC] Terror without pause’ (2022): Peace, keep recording!

REC Non-stop terror is the documentary of one of the best horror films that our country has produced. This report is definitely for those who know or should know the Medeiros girl.

REC Non-stop terror premieres this Friday, October 28. Who would have thought that a film that works as found footage made with a sequence shot and a final monster would be so impressive. A film what if we’re being honest, he’s still unbeatable. In this documentary we will see not only the Making Of in addition, we will witness the after.

Two geek directors with an idea

REC Non-stop terror

REC Non-stop terror is a gift for the lovers of this horror film that marked a before and after in the horror genre. A documentary that starts from the light idea of ​​two friends to the footprint it has left in international horror cinema. Throughout the report we will see the same directors, James Balagueró and Paco Plaza, in the construction of this story in which most of the plot centers on a building. And as they tell us that they built the story as if they were leveling up in a video game until reaching the final monster, in this documentary it is the same. Not only will the directors appear, but we will also see part of the technical team that contributed to building this film.

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They thought that only the four who like horror would see it

[REC]    Terror without pause

Also watch out for most of the cast, each full of talk and explaining how they spent this shoot. It’s funny how everyone who worked on it didn’t think this tape would make it this far. A REC Non-stop terror we will be reunited with: the old woman in the corridor – you will surely remember her – with our beloved reporter played by Manuela Velasco, that girl from Medeiros played by Javier Botet, Claudia Silva or the girl who ends up giving breakfast to her mother . A group of people who, like good found footage, were not well known at allbut thanks to the efforts of two directors who entrusted them with enthusiasm and happiness, they ended up making a masterpiece.

Review of WAY ​​DOWN by Jaume Balagueró

Final monster included

[REC]    Terror without pause

In addition, we will have guest directors such as Javier Ruiz Caldera (Spanish Movie), Koldo Serra (70 Binladen) or Nacho Vigalondo (Els chronocrimes, colossal). All bringing a larger, more generic vision of REC. Another thing I like about this documentary is that it doesn’t just stop at the production or filming, it also adds to the effect that this tape had. REC Terror without pause shows us the importance of this film that reached so many people with a very low budget – with a total budget of 2 million euros, it managed to collect 32.5 million euros, very few manage to collect so much with such a small budget-. In fact, we can see in the documentary how these horror fans marked, how fear turned into love for people they don’t know. Of course I wanted to see ‘REC’ again.

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An unexpected success

[REC]    Terror without pause

I love it when a documentary really gets into the guts and secrets of a movie in such an engaging, fun and direct way. I REC Non-stop terror he gets it He catches us with this continuous stream of interviews that delve into the full saga of REC. It is curious how the documentary is set up, because there is no narrator to tell us what we were about to see. I have enjoyed this documentary because I have been remembering that time when, like many, we went to the cinema to see her and thus met the little girl from Medeiros. For many it was something they had never seen on the big screen, and I include myself. It is a jewel of Spanish cinema, and this documentary reminds us of it.

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