Review of Home adrift (2022) [Netflix]: Our roots

Home adrift is one of the latest anime to land on Netflix. An adventure of survival, friendship and memories

From the head of Hiroyasu Ishida, for the brief of his career, very diverse ideas come out, concepts that take shape and readability as the story unfolds. Home adrift nor is an exception, and even if the title gives general indications about what kind of adventure we will find, everything has a larger framework. This is the second feature film of its director, after the enjoyable Penguin Highway: The mystery of the penguins, also available on the streaming platform Netflix.

Everything revolves around Kosuke, Natsume, and their friends, who during the summer decide to play in a building about to be demolished; this building that was previously his old home, will suddenly be surrounded by an immense sea with the children trapped in it. As you can see, the brains for the title of the film have not faded.

Home adrift

The story that is proposed to us in this film is of slow construction, with little development at the beginning about the characters who will star in this adventure and with few indications of where everything is headed. This beginning of the journey can be a bit tedious and you lose interest in what you are told, but every wait has its reward.

When the “home” picks up pace, the answers arrive in drops, the development and relationships between the two main protagonists and a special guest, the most mysterious and the one who hides the most things from the drifting children, begin. The rest of the characters are in the background, more of a means of filler than a piece of a puzzle that is absolutely necessary to complete the mosaic. Something wasted for the tape extension.

The 50 best anime ever

It is in the final stretch of the film when the pieces begin to fit together, when the tension and critical moments come together in 30 minutes, and when all the seeds are really collected. Everything takes on a more dizzying pace, rushes in, the feelings that these types of films always appeal to come in and when one, as a viewer, begins to really enjoy and feel accomplished for having chosen this film among the wide repertoire of Netflix. An animation that, although, is not up to par Penguin Highwayit does become a date for anime lovers.

So what is Drifting Home really about? Although at first it may seem confusing in its text, small breadcrumbs are left along the way. Home, memories or friendship and family are points that run through the film, mixed and at the same time differentiated, but especially and as a differentiating aspect from other anime, turning the page, moving forward knowing to leave behind those important moments in the life that makes us grow personally, teaching us to forgive and value what really matters; to leave the place where we grew up and which has given us such good times, but as they say, after all, home ends up being where the people we want are.

Home adrift

I would not like to leave these lines if I mention the work of Studio Colorido, artists of animating the film, and having done a remarkable job, together with a soundtrack in agreement that does not eat the visual.

In the end, Home adrift it is not the jewel in the crown of anime films, but it is a film that, with patience, becomes a visual spectacle worth watching and enjoying. We will continue to wait for the third tape of Hiroyasu Ishida, who is doing nothing wrong at the moment.

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