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Review of ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio’ (2022) [Netflix]: magisterial

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio arrives as the second version of the popular tale of the same year, although this time from the hand of Netflix and the Mexican director. A wonderful animated film that you cannot miss.

Pinocchio by Guillem del Toro is the second version of the popular tale that premiered this same year. There are many different film versions of the wooden doll since Disney released the most famous one in 1940, the one we all know and have probably seen more than once as children. But it is this same year we are presented with two new ones, a live action -or real image- from Disney that mixes some pretty poor animation -in my opinion- with real actors flesh and blood like Tom Hanks himself, who plays Geppetto; and a Netflix version that comes straight from the twisted head of Guillermo del Toro. And it is that, in a cinematic context, the confrontation between Disney and Netflix over the adaptation of a particular folk tale is not something that should not be taken into account, especially when one is spectacularly better than the other.

It’s been almost two months since Disney premiered this new adaptationdirected by Robert Zemeckis, direct to Disney+ and its general reception was mediocre. morning, Friday November 25, this new interpretation of the story of the wooden doll according to Guillermo del Toro is released in cinemas, which will also arrive on the platform on December 9. And the two versions are so radically different, that comparisons are odious. Del Toro presents a much darker picture of Pinocchio than we can be used to and makes the film arguably the best version of Carlo Collodi’s classic tale since Disney’s 40’s animated film.

The story of Pinocchio by Guillem del Toro essentially remains the samealthough it introduces some additions that I won’t reveal to you so as not to spoil the surprise: the carpenter Geppetto has mourned the loss of his son small for years and when he creates a wooden marionette to try to get him back, it comes to life thanks to the magic of the Blue Fairy. The ‘newborn’ Pinocchiohe is stubborn but naive, easily swayed by people who want to exploit him to their advantage, and despite a cricket’s efforts to keep him on track, he will start making bad decisions.


Very close to the original work

Pinocchio by Guillem del Toro
Netflix Spain

A Pinocchio by Guillem del Toro sand they take many creative liberties to reshape this iconic story according to Del Toro’s needs, but it is clearly substantially more thematically aligned with Collodi’s original vision than any past interpretation. The director had wanted to make a darker version of the folk tale for quite some time and the end result greatly leverages and captures the full individuality of Gris Grimly’s artauthor of the illustrations for the 2002 edition of Collodi’s original story, combining it with the grotesque touch and the house’s trademark dark tone. Is disturbing and twisted, but with a real purpose and without completely avoiding the cheerful and youthful nature of Pinocchio himself. This one is consistently loud, obnoxious and impertinent with everything around him quite evidently from his first screen appearance, but just like in the original story, Pinocchio’s journey acts as a moral lesson in every way. It is a story rich in diverse themes, with the relationship between father and son standing out, as Pinocchio longs for a human being and a true son for his adoptive father. It is complemented by allusions to religion and politics that raise questions about loyalty, patriotism andmost important to Pinocchio, the difference between truth and lies.

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Mature and dark, but at the same time for all audiences

Pinocchio by Guillem del Toro
Netflix Spain

Pinocchio by Guillem del Toro it is not necessarily aimed at children, but younger viewers may enjoy it as well. It’s a grown-up version of the story that trusts the maturity of its audience, though balances a mixture of tones so that it is accessible to all audiences. It’s a perfect mix of both worlds, as its more adult themes aren’t presented in a way that might alienate children entirely. Del Toro will initially lead the viewer to believe that he is dealing with the same old tale, but he quickly switches gears to a wonderful mix of genres, introducing some horror elements to the story, especially through Pinocchio’s initial awakening where the similarities to Frankenstein can easily be sensed. From that moment onward, a darker tone will flood the tape, hiding and revealing from time to time the different genres that accompany it.

The film’s maturity also plays with the visual language, as the stunning stop motion animation looks nothing like the versions seen in its counterparts more aimed at children. Directly, Pinocchio looks more like an actual wooden puppet and vaguely a child, rather than Disney’s more humanized doll. Besides, the cinematography of the film is beautiful, and at the same time very dark and full of contrasts when more dramatic scenes appear on the screen. It is clear that the vision of Guillermo del Toro is not compromised at any time by the limits that animation can reach. In fact, Pinocchio by Guillem del Toro it only further demonstrates the ever-further frontiers that animation as a whole can reach.

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Future winner

Pinocchio by Guillem del Toro
Guillem del Toro holding a miniature replica of Pinocchio

with Pinocchio by Guillem del Torothe director has achieved the almost impossible: taking an all-too-familiar story, placing it in a different world, and giving it a whole new magical flair, one that will not leave you indifferent at all. Most likely Netflix has a possible Oscar winner for best animation in the hands, time will tell. Pinocchio by Guillem del Toro it’s a really wonderful movie that demands to be seen with friends and family, it’s something you can’t miss this year.

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