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Review of ‘1899’ (2022) [Netflix] : Disturbing period madness

1899 it seems like a good year a turn of the century. But for Netflix it’s just another excuse to create a good disturbing series following in the footsteps of Dark. The truth is that the new series is disturbing on levels that one would not imagine when starting to watch it.

1899 is the new bet of netflix for the psychological horror and madness of the mind, all seasoned with a good period series and a production of my first level. The platform is bad at getting its customers used to improving the quality of the productions they offer. This series is another example that Netflix doesn’t have to compromise quality to tell a good story. The search for the Prometheus is just the starting point for a disturbing series full of plots that unfortunately end up being very confusing. But it’s not all bad news since 1899 will end up convincing fans of the genre.


The changes of the century are always disturbing for humanity, it seems that the symbology of numbers brings with it misfortunes and dark times. In this new production we delve into the story of an ocean liner that deviates from its trajectory when it detects a call for help from a missing ship. The Prometheus, like the Titanic, is a famous ship about which many stories have been written and which gave rise to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. But the series goes further because it is not a series about the disappearance of a ship. The series deceives in its first steps. As you await a series of adventures or the misfortune of a shipwreck. But far from that it is much more complex than it seems at first glance.


1899 starts by presenting us different characters, of various nationalities, it is a series that is worth watching the original investment since they use their languages ​​of origin. We have two Portuguese religious, a British captain, Spanish explorers, German immigrants and even runaway slaves. Each character plays their role within the story and this is what makes the series interesting and grabs you. This depth of characters makes it a little slow and at times a little chaotic. In the first chapters it seems that the series will be a search for the missing ship, but at a given moment it focuses on the misadventures of the protagonist who tells the story. This is where you lose track of what’s going on in the plot.

We are facing a series in which you have to stop and analyze what is happening on the screen. At times you don’t know what time period you are in. There are some scenes inside the asylum that completely take you out of the story. The mutiny on the ship seems to cause the story at times but is again lost in the chaos of its plot. We don’t know if we are dealing with a series of time travel, treasure hunts, ancestral legends or the madness of a disturbed mind.


The production is ambitious, and perhaps the fact of seeing the opening episodes was the problem when analyzing this series. The truth is that the chapters invite you to reflect on what has happened and perhaps with more calm the perception is different. Not without quality and great characters, the performances convince and immerse you fully in the story. The complexity of the plot is not recommended for marathon. It is a series that is worth watching chapter by chapter and stopping to understand what they want to tell us.

In short, 1899 it’s not a bad thing, as this new bet by Netflix for quality is to be appreciated. Although this is a series that is as dense as it is complex, it leaves you with doubt in every chapter. Is it as chaotic as it seems or are they pieces of a puzzle? The problem is that we didn’t get to see the last two episodes, and that means the pieces don’t quite fit together when it comes to analyzing this series. They make you want to see it again but with much more calm and pause between chapters. Recommended for those who like fascicle theories.

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