REVIEW Forget Ted Lasso, Black Bird is the best series to watch on Apple TV —

in the meantime Ted Lasso is the star series on the streaming platforms (not only on Apple’s), with the protagonist of Jason Sudeikis, obtaining several awards as best comedy, forget for a moment the character and let’s focus on Black Bird, the best series for see in Apple TV Plustoday.

Away from the comedy genre and focused on the psychological suspense thriller, Black Bird has another great acting job, in this case that of Taron Egerton who plays Jimmy Keene, a charismatic, attractive and flashy drug dealer, who is convicted . ten years in prison, although the police offer a proposal that is not easy to accept, but which allows him to be released.

REVIEW Forget Ted Lasso, Black Bird is the best series to watch on Apple TV

The six-episode limited series was created by Dennis Lehane, based on the 2010 autobiographical novel In with the Devil: a Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption.

Set in the 90s and based on a true story, Jimmy will achieve his mission if he can obtain the confession of an alleged serial killer, Larry Hall, masterfully played by Paul Walter Hauser. In a few words, although in practice everything is much more complex, Jimmy has to befriend Larry and get him to reveal the whereabouts of at least one of his victims.

REVIEW Forget Ted Lasso, Black Bird is the best series to watch on Apple TV

Therefore, Jimmy is transferred from a common prison to a maximum security, specialized in criminals with mental problems.

But the work will not be easy. Larry has a complete personality, has no friends, hardly talks to other insiders, and has the possibility of getting out of prison in a short time, since one of his last appeals, he might have the right view, since the police do not he found it sufficient evidence for a final conviction.

REVIEW Forget Ted Lasso, Black Bird is the best series to watch on Apple TV

So Jimmy’s task is even more difficult. Trying to establish a link with the alleged serial killer, which takes time and trust, but running against the clock, before Larry goes free.

Both the works of Egerton and Hauser are brilliant and it should not be ruled out that at least one of them, or both, will get a nomination at some award ceremony. And like all the original series on Apple TV Plus, and still mostly set in a prison, every scene is taken care of in detail.

If there is something that the proposals on the Apple platform have in common, it is the obsession with the perfection of each frame: from lighting, scenography, costumes, settings and photography in general. And if we add to that that the series and movies of Apple TV Plus are in 4K and with Dolby Atmos sound, the overall experience is even greater.

Returning to Hauser in his role as Larry, he will manage to provoke moments of empathy and revulsion. His soft and high-pitched voice tone, almost nestling at times, does not come as a threat, until he talks about his “soins”, and everything clouds the screen, with a tension that increases as the chapters progress.

Black Bird is the best series for today Apple TV Plus, because it not only has a great story. It does excellently well.

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