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Review An Explosive Wedding (2023) [Amazon]: An effective comedy

An Explosive Wedding is a comedy-action film starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel that arrives tomorrow in all our homes from the hand of Amazon Prime Video.

An Explosive Wedding is the new Amazon Prime Video comedy starring Jennifer Lopez (JLo: Halftime, Head by Accident) and Josh Duhamel (Transformers) that takes us to a paradisiacal Philippine island to attend the wedding of this couple. However, everything may not be as wonderful as it seems in this link, and not only because of the typical premarital doubts that lurk in all wedding movies, but because some pirates have decided to take the island to rob everyone in attendance and it will be the newlyweds who have to save the day and all their friends.

An explosive wedding

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There are definitely two aspects of the tape that stand out above the rest: the chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel which is maintained from the quiet first bars to the frantic climax of the film and the great secondary cast which, while they are well-worn stereotypes, are tremendously funny, and perhaps it’s the fact that each supporting cast represents a well-known comedy trope (the vengeful divorced mother, the divorced father seeking a second youth with a girlfriend 30 years younger that he, the brainless young woman who goes out with the father and only wants money or the boyfriend’s prancing friend) what manages that we do not need time to know each of them and we can start enjoying the relationships between them from the first minute .

It is necessary to point out the wonderful comic work by Jennifer Coolidge as the mother of the bride, as her character eats up every scene in which she appears, giving rise to the funniest dialogue of the film.

Shotgun Wedding

A marriage between comedy and action

It is also true that, although the mixture between Her parents i Mr. and Mrs. Smith it does not present us with anything new, the film manages to unite comedy and action in a fun and surprising way that makes the viewer spend a good time in front of the screen. The action is well shotdespite everything, I think I expected better special effects in some scenes considering that this is an Amazon production.

An explosive wedding

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In short, An Explosive Wedding is, in my opinion, a good comedy film that manages to entertain the viewer and give equal doses of humor and action. A perfect movie to watch on a weekend in your living room for a good hour and a half, but who is looking for a film that breaks new ground, takes the comedy to new heights or is too different from what has already been seen before will end up disappointed with this film because, beyond the task of entertaining, An Explosive Wedding fails to distinguish itself from the rest of similar productions that we have seen in recent years.

An explosive wedding

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