Refreshing your restaurant interior: how to choose the perfect furniture

Your restaurant is being renovated for a variety of reasons. Maybe you just bought an older place that needs refreshing. You may already own a restaurant that wants to change some design options that haven’t aged well over the years. Whatever the reason, one of the essential parts of the whole process is choosing the right furniture! Of course, everything matters: the color of your walls and where all these chairs and tables go; but what matters is that you get the perfect ones!

You should cover some key factors before you go out and spend your money on furniture. What style are you looking for? Does the restaurant have a specific topic to follow? How many tables can you get before everything looks small? But these are all things that happen when you plan on renovating. Now we focus only on the furniture and how to choose it!

So take out your notebook and cover all the basics you need to keep in mind.

Restaurant tables

You need to consider a couple of table styles for your restaurant. Please note that we will not mention tables or bass separately, although they are often sold this way. We only focus on the design part of the whole process!

So, the first type of table we want to mention is the classic cafe / restaurant style table. They are the standard height and are usually designed as squares and circles. Not that they should be, but the extended options are usually called banquet tables, and there is a crucial difference. The standard restaurant table has many advantages. First of all, people sit below the floor level, which makes your staff’s job much easier when they bring drinks or food.

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But other than that, they are usually designed to be excellent conversation boards. The seated people are all at the same distance, no one is shouting a word, and they are all in sight of each other.

They can be combined with standard restaurant chairs or next to stands, which share the same benefits.

The following are the picnic tables or banquets! Now, why do we use both terms, you ask? While there is a simple distinction between the two, they offer the same kind of experience. Lots of people are sitting at the same table with no chairs either up or down! Everyone is still looking straight ahead and it’s the perfect way to seat large groups of people. The simple difference I mentioned is that picnic tables are usually located outside, in the garden of your restaurant, while banquets are inside. There is also the distinction of banquet tables with restaurant chairs next to them, while picnic tables have benches (although they can work with both).

So what’s the perfect combination here? It all depends, but here are some tips to follow. First, if you think you should have a banquet table, keep it separate from other tables. It may be counterintuitive, but larger groups of people need privacy as much as a private stand does. They also make a lot of noise, so you may want to get the rest of your customers out of the party.

A pair of tables with two, three, four or five chairs works great, especially if you have a couple of corners placed in the corners next to the walls. Keep your boots away from the center of the room; please! They are difficult to move and only interfere with your staff and others.

The truth is some of the best restaurants in the country they vary drastically with what type of furniture you choose. What tells us one thing is that you choose the right furniture for you!


Now that the tables are in order out let’s get you some restaurant chairs! The basic rule of the chairs is that they should look good and be as comfortable as possible!

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While there are plenty of style options, just take a look at the rest of your room and see what fits! Banquet chairs, leather chairs, curved backrest, armrests or no armrests – there’s plenty to choose from, so make sure it goes with the style you want.

Remember that some colors go in and out of fashion, but natural materials have come to stay! Good quality wood or leather (or even well-crafted leather alternatives) is easy to handle, looks great no matter what theme or style you want to convey, and feels amazing and comfortable at the same time.

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