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Nutrition plays a key role in athletes as it provides further development for fitness and performance. For him it is important to include in his diet foods that provide high value protein, and pork is the best choice. Therefore, it is recommended that the professional or amateur athlete include it in their diet 3 to 4 times a week.

Here are 5 reasons to eat pork that you may not know.

  1. Contains one 48% oleic acida fatty acid such as olive oil that helps balance cholesterol levels.
  2. A pork tenderloin brings you almost 20 g of protein per 100g, a source of natural amino acids for your muscles.
  3. Pork has a Omega 9 fat sport, superior to beef and chicken. That is, it has a fatty acid that has multiple benefits for athletic performance.
  4. Pork loin is an ideal type of cut for athletes looking for regain or increase body mass of the body as it has only 2.6 percent fat, lower than other meats, which makes it a great source of protein.
  5. Its versatility when cooking. Because in addition to being one of the options for a balanced diet, the cuts are easy to cook: whether it’s grilled, roasted, cace-rola with slow cooking, in Milanese, and other alternatives to include in your healthy menu.

“The key to eating pork is in balance: no end is good, and it is essential to know that health goes hand in hand with a varied diet that includes all the necessary nutrients for vital functions ”refers to nutritionist Milagros Agurto.

For her part, Jessica Julca, Manager for South America of the United States Federation of Meat Exporters, points out that they are currently focusing efforts so that families can incorporate a high-protein protein into their daily menu, such as it is the flesh. of pork.

“Pork, in addition to being very versatile in our kitchen, has great nutritional advantages. Therefore, throughout the month of November and December we will work on an initiative called #PoramoralChancho in order to promote the different cuts of this input “he commented.

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