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Reasons to avoid ‘miracle diets’

Miracle diets promise to be ideal, as they offer to lose weight in very short periods, easily and without effort. But what is behind these well-known diets? Why should we be careful with them?

In recent years, overweight and obesity have increased globally. So, the famous ones miracle diets they have become the option that many people choose to lose weight easily, but for what reasons should we avoid them?

What risks can they cause?

The long-term effects of fad diets can cause health problems.

According to Dr. Cristina Santurino Fontecha, teacher of the Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Health at the International University of Valencia (VIU)this type of diet promotes nutritional deficiencies or an increased risk of suffering complications in people who already suffer from other pathologies (diabetes, hypertension…).

In addition, he points out that many times, the weight that is lost is gained back.

“This is due to such rapid weight loss, produced by excessive caloric restriction, loss of body water and even muscle mass, with the fat component barely being affected,” he explains.

What are the most common miracle diets?

The expert mentions some of them most famous miracle diets what to avoid Between them:

  1. Unbalanced hypocaloric diets: suppose one extreme caloric deficitcontributing between 600 and 800 kilocalories daily, producing deficits of certain nutrients if they persist over time and other symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, headaches…
  2. Dissociated diets: in this type of diet, foods rich in carbohydrates cannot be mixed in the same meal with other foods rich in protein or fat, “an illogical basis and without scientific evidence”, points out the specialist.
  3. Excluding diets: they are based on eliminating some macronutrient from the diet. In addition, it is usually necessary to purchase products for follow-up and they ensure wonderful results without effort.
  4. Other types of miracle diets: this section includes the mono diets, in which you can only eat one food throughout the day; the blood group diet or the alkaline diet (based on fruit and vegetable consumption).

Influence of social networks

The specialist points out that in the case of using social networks, it is important to use content from nutrition professionals.

In addition, it should be noted that effective weight loss is not achieved so quickly, but must be individualizedwith the addition of a caloric deficit adjusted to each person and adherence to a diet that can be maintained over time, always looking for the best option.

What is recommended?

Miracle diets exercise
EFE/ Fernando Villar

In general, Dr. Santurino recommends two rules applicable to any type of diet:

  • Carry out a healthy diet. A diet based on fruits, vegetables, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, dried fruit, virgin oils, lean meats, fish and eggs. It is necessary to restrict ultra-processed products rich in sugars, oils or refined flours, salt and additives.
  • Perform physical activity periodically.
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