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After several biopics portraying the life of great figures in music such as Freddy Mercury or the most recent one of Whitney Houston, it was a matter of time before the film of Michael Jackson, one of the greatest music icons in history, arrived contemporary And none other than his nephew, Jaafar Jackson, will be responsible for recreating himself as the king of pop.

MJ’s achievements include several Guinness World Records, including 13 Grammy Awards, the Grammy Legend Award, the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, 26 American Music Awards – more than any other male soloist – including Artist of the Century and Artist of the 1980s and 13 US number one singles during his solo career – more than any other male artist in the Hot 100 era.

The as-yet-untitled Michael Jackson movie will be directed by Antoine Fuqua, director of films like Shooter, Training Day and the most recent Apple TV Plus production, Emancipation, starring Will Smith. (click here).

The film is being produced by Graham King, who turned Freddie Mercury’s Queen story into the box office hit Bohemian Rhapsody.

Jaafar Jackson is the son of Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s brother, and one of the members of the famous Jacksons 5.

While there isn’t much material from the singer online, you can see that he has a similar voice to Michael’s as seen in this video:

Unlike the Broadway play, MJ The Musical, the film would touch on the accusations that plagued the singer until his death in 2009, days before he began his This is It tour.

Producer Graham King and Oscar-nominated Gladiator screenwriter John Logan (who will be the screenwriter) sharpened the needle perfectly with director Martin Scorsese in The Aviator, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Howard Hughes as he tried to continue his innovations before mental illness turned him into a germ-phobic recluse.

The Michael Jackson movie will start production later this year and is expected to release sometime between late 2024 and 2025 and there is no doubt that it will be a blockbuster.

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