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RDR2 How to find the legendary wolf

As a legendary animal in RDR2, the legendary wolf can obtain a valuable legendary wolf skin and a legendary wolf heart after killing it. Common wolves in RDR2 usually hunt in packs, but legendary wolves usually patrol the wild alone. Does anyone know how to find the legendary wolf and kill it? The following article will introduce you to all the things you need to know to kill the legendary wolf. Let’s see how the legendary bison rdr2 was found. If you want to know more about RDR2 legendary animals, you can visit gametopn.com.

RDR2 Wolf Legendary Locations

If you want to find the legendary bison rdr2, you must first go to the place where the legendary wolf appeared and go to the point on the map shown in RDR2. The legendary wolf is located near Kotora Springs, east of the Grizzlies. When you reach the nearby area, a small sign will appear in the upper left corner to remind you that you are in the right location, indicating that you are in the field where the legendary wolf appeared.

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How to find the legendary wolf in RDR2

Once you get to the right area, you’ll start following the legendary wolf. First, you need to jump off the horse, then click the RIGHT and LEFT STICK at the same time to enter eagle eye mode, which allows you to locate nearby animal tracks and other tags and see the paths You can follow 3 clues about the legendary wolf along the point of light emanating from the ground.

When you find some “clue” about the legendary wolf, you will see a trail on the ground, and you must follow that trail. It will lead you in the direction of the next clue or where the legendary wolf is, so make sure you remember to activate Hawkeye mode regularly to check your surroundings and not miss any other clues about the legendary wolf.

By turning on Eagle Eye Mode, you’ll find the first clue, Wolf Poop. If you continue to track according to the wolf poo, you can find the second clue fur at the position of the stone. If you continue following the skin path, you can find the animal remains of the third clue, a corpse; then continue tracking. You can see the legendary wolf in front.

Once you’ve spotted the Legendary Wolf, you can unlock the Dead Eye, which allows you to use your weapon for more accurate shots, aiming as hard as you can at the Legendary Wolf’s head to shoot it and knock it down.

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How to deal with RDR2 legendary wolf corpse

After killing the legendary wolf, you can immediately skin the legendary wolf, so you will get the legendary wolf skin and the legendary wolf heart. Then you can call the RDR2 map and reach the nearest Hunter, and this Hunter is in Emerald Ranch in the northeast.

You can sell the Legendary Wolf Carcass to Trapper for $46 and then go to the crafting menu to craft the following items from the Legendary Wolf Skin:

Legendary Cougar and Wolf Vest: Also requires a Legendary Cougar Skin and $42 to craft.

Legendary Wolf Bat Pants: Also requires perfect suede and costs $34 to craft.

Go to the east side of the city of Saint-Denis and find the fence. You can use the legendary wolf heart to make the wolf heart ornament. Just approach the fence and choose to buy other items to make the wolf heart ornament. You can make the wolf heart ornament. Tolerance is doubled.

Complete guide on how to find legendary wolves RDR2. You can also go to topn game to learn more about RDR2 legendary animals where you will find everything about RDR2 and all the basic tips and tricks you need to know.

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