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Qualcomm and AWS will be the first customers of Intel’s new foundry business

Intel has announced that Qualcomm and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be the first customers of Intel’s new foundry business. Intel has been moving in recent years to expand from providing CPUs to being a one-stop shop for many aspects of chip design and production.

This announcement of Qualcomm and AWS as the first customers of Intel’s foundry business is a big step for Intel in its efforts to become a major global chip maker.

Overview of Intel’s new foundry business

Intel has announced it will launch a new foundry business as part of its push to expand from PC and server microprocessors into the booming semiconductor market. This new foundry business will allow Intel to manufacture chips for its customers and products.

Qualcomm and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be the first two customers of this initiative, leveraging Intel’s industry-leading process technology, advanced software programming and reliability. In addition, Intel’s foundry business will be based on established platforms such as its 10nm technology, which currently offers high volume production.

The collaboration between Qualcomm and Intel will focus on new product designs for Qualcomm’s ultra-premium 5G mobile devices, including flagship phones, laptops equipped with Always Connected PCs (ACPC), Windows 10 devices on ARM; in addition to continuous work designed to reduce power consumption while improving performance through connectivity technologies such as PCIe Gen4 and USB4.

AWS’s initiative with Intel revolves around a wide variety of processor designs (including cores) to more efficiently run multiple processes in the cloud data center ecosystem to add additional performance for workloads work ranging from big data analytics to machine learning inference.

Overall, this big move opens up a whole new space for Intel, allowing them to serve a diverse set of device makers looking for early access to highly competitive chipsets with an unmatched level of performance.

Early foundry customers for Intel include Qualcomm and AWS

Intel’s recent announcement of its new foundry business came as part of its diversification away from the traditional PC market. As part of this new development, the company has signed two of the biggest names in the technology industry, Qualcomm Inc. and Amazon Web Services, as its first customers for the foundry.

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This begs the question: Why did Intel decide to partner with these two companies, and what benefits can these customers expect?

This article will cover all the details of Intel’s first customers.

Overview of Qualcomm and AWS

Qualcomm and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will reportedly be the first customers of Intel’s new foundry business.

Qualcomm Incorporated is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. It is one of the largest chip makers in the world. Qualcomm has a revenue of $25 billion and more than 37,000 employees as of 2019. Qualcomm also has several patents related to 3G/4G/5G technologies.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an Amazon-owned cloud computing platform that provides on-demand access to a suite of computing services such as storage, networking, analytics, and application development tools. AWS allows users to build sophisticated applications or create large data sets quickly with access to very powerful computing resources. As a result, AWS has become a leader in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud solutions with more than 1 million customers worldwide in more than 190 countries.

Intel’s new foundry business will focus on providing services to other companies looking for custom-designed microchips for electronic devices such as smartphones and automotive systems. Intel expects Qualcomm and AWS to become its first customers in the coming months using its technology for its specialized needs in mobile devices or cloud computing solutions.

Intel Foundry Business Profits for Qualcomm and AWS

Intel’s foundry business offers a unique value proposition to Qualcomm and Amazon Web Services (AWS). By leveraging Intel’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, these customers can benefit from reduced cost and accelerated delivery times. In addition, these customers may also receive security and technical and personal support through the established relationship with Intel.

Qualcomm’s collaboration with Intel gives them access to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and rapid development and delivery of physical products. This results in more efficient production of smaller, more powerful and reliable systems-on-chips (SoCs) while reducing development costs. Additionally, this reduced time to market allows Qualcomm to seize market opportunities before the competition.

The benefits of AWS are similar to those seen by Qualcomm. By working with Intel’s foundry business, AWS gets access to advanced technology for its advanced server architectures that lowers cost and maximizes efficiency. Intel’s production processes also provide enhanced physical security, which is highly desirable for its cloud computing platform. With everything from system architecture design to production managed by a single partner, AWS can handle your workload faster than ever without sacrificing quality or performance.

Intel foundry business model

Intel announced that Qualcomm and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be its first customers of its new foundry business. The move marks a major milestone for Intel’s recent foray into the $500 million foundry business.

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By entering this market, Intel hopes to gain an advantage over competitors such as Samsung and TSMC. This article will explore Intel’s foundry business model and how it differs from its competition.

Overview of Intel’s Foundry business model

Intel’s new foundry business offers a flexible and scalable model that enables customers to rapidly design and manufacture next-generation integrated circuits (ICs). Using Intel’s advanced technology node capabilities and high-end manufacturing processes, customers around the world can access production-grade integrated circuits across a variety of products. In addition, Intel Foundry Services provides design-to-manufacturing capabilities such as performance optimization, insert design rotation, and other engineering support services to ensure that the most cost-effective semiconductor manufacturing solutions are adapt to the client’s needs.

Foundry’s business model supports external customers who need custom silicon fabrication services and Intel’s in-house equipment, giving them access to the same technology and process platforms used in factory production. Customers of this program can select from hundreds of qualified wafer fabrication processes on a wide range of products ranging from 5nm logic devices to advanced memory nodes and imaging technology.

Intel offers an end-to-end service that covers all steps of device development, from silicon qualification to final product qualification. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of semiconductor solutions for the computing, consumer electronics and communications industries, is slated to be one of the first customers of Intel Foundry Services to use its capabilities to advanced manufacturing In addition, Amazon Web Service (AWS) will use Intel Foundry Services to design custom application-specific integrated circuit chips to power its cloud infrastructure.

Advantages of Intel’s foundry business model

Intel’s Foundry business model offers a variety of benefits to Intel as well as potential customers. As the first major foundry supplier to offer foundry services for customers’ system-on-chip (SoC) designs and their integrated processor designs, Intel’s foundry business model provides a one-stop shop for customers who want develop their products with cutting-edge technology.

Intel’s foundry business model also gives customers access to advanced process technology not available in other foundries. This includes Manufacturing Development Kits (MDKs) focused on High Performance Computing (HPC). These MDKs offer customers custom chip designs that combine HPC technologies with other advances such as time scaling, power management, and performance tuning capabilities in specialized packages. In addition, these MDKs provide customers with the highest levels of performance possible, allowing them to further accelerate product development cycles and bring products to market faster than ever before.

In addition to providing customers with access to cutting-edge process technologies and MDK, Intel’s foundry business model offers a broad portfolio of intellectual property (IP) libraries across various application domains, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), 5G. wireless communications, automotive system design and others. These IP libraries allow chip designers to reuse existing blocks of code or custom functions in their SoCs without having to recreate them from scratch every time they develop a new product, facilitating a faster delivery time for their designs .

Additionally, through partnerships with Qualcomm and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Intel will gain valuable insights into the latest technology trends in key segments such as AI/ML applications that could help drive future silicon innovation within its model of foundry business. By leveraging customer domain knowledge through these collaborations, Intel can remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic semiconductor industry landscape.

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