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Predictions Oscars 2023. How the race is going

Oscars 2023

Once the Screen Actors Guild Awards were handed out with absolute love a Everything at once everywhere. The Daniels tape swept with four awards, which seems to clear their way to the Oscars.

Best Film:

A year without a clear favorite to be crowned on the night of the Academy, the tape of family love, kung fu and multiverses may become the most geeky film in history to win the Oscars. It doesn’t seem like it has competition, having won Golden Globes, SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and Critics Choice. He just punched the BAFTA in the hands of No news on the front, but it doesn’t seem like a German movie ending. Of course not either parasites it was thought to be the first film shot in a language other than English to take the crown and it did. The only serious rival of Everything at once everywhere ca The Fabelmansbut he hasn’t won anything beyond the Golden Globe.

Best Director:

Well, the Daniels are on their way to becoming the first duo to win the Oscars since West Side Story. Anyway, the Oscars are opting to separate film direction… And don’t we all want Spielberg to get his third prize? If Spielberg wins this Oscar, maybe The Fabelmans repeat the feat of The power of the dog from last year, which only won the award for best director. Otherwise, the tape will probably go empty.

Best Actor in a Leading Role:

What at the start of the Oscar race was a toss-up between Brendan Fraser i Colin Farrell he became ménage a trois after the golden globe a Austin Butler for elvis. In the academy they love camouflage and this is their big card. The former Disney boy has won the Golden Globe and the BAFTA, although the SAG has opted for Fraser. Farrell is now lost in combat. Barring a last-minute surprise, this will not be his year. Although Fraser is gaining ground, he has a huge stumbling block: The academy does not like “starting over”.

Oscars 2023 02

All the more or less forgotten blockbuster stars who have returned with the role of their lives had to settle for the nomination: Michael Keaton (Birdman), Mickey Rourke (the fighter), Sylvester Stallone (believe) and Bill Murray (Lost in translation) are the closest cases, and precisely the first two lost against biographies (Milk i The theory of everything). History is against Fraser’s victory, although it is true that both Eddy Redmayne and Sean Penn were actors with much more depth than Austin Butler. Of course, the other great camouflage of the year, that of Anna d’Armes a Blondeit has not the slightest chance of anything.

Still, didn’t the voters think that an Oscar would be great for Austin Butler? The previous two actors to win with their first nomination (and their first major Hollywood film) were Rami Malek, Jean Dujardin, Adrien Brody and Jamie Foxx. It didn’t help either of them to make a career, at least in the United States.

Does anyone seriously think Butler is any different?

Best Leading Actress:

This will be the big duel of the night of the Oscars. The academy must decide whether to award for the third time a Cate Blanchett or for the first time Michelle Yeoh. At the moment, the Malay already has the honor of being the first oriental woman nominated in this category. She is also the first Miss to achieve this (she was Miss Malaysia 1983). Yeoh will monopolize the American vote and Blanchett the European one, given the awards each has won.

Both have Golden Globes but Yeoh has won the SAG (American) and Blanchett the BAFTA (British). The statistics are on the side of the Australian, since since 2010, when this Oscar has been more disputed, it has ended up being won by the BAFTA winner: Frances McDormand in 2021, Olivia Colman in 2018 (defeating the favorite Glenn Close ), Emma Stone in 2017 and Meryl Streep in 2012. Anyway, 8 of the last 10 SAG winners have won Oscars… But so have the last 8 BAFTA winners, so anything can happen.

Oscars 2023 01

Whatever happens, Yeoh is guaranteed a prize: Being the best dressed at the gala, because she is the absolute queen of the red carpet.

The rest of the Oscar candidates have no choice, except for an absolutely unexpected surprise. And I say, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the two great American icons, Marilyn (Ana d’Armes) and Elvis, won this year?

Supporting actors:

The men’s category is the only one that is completely safe: Jonathan Ke Quan for Everything at once everywhere. The star of Indiana Jones i The Goonies he had been out of cinema for 20 years and is two weeks away from being the first Asian to win this award. In the women’s category, everything points to that Angela Bassett will get the first acting Oscar for the Marvel Expanded Universe. Anyway, Jamie Lee Curtis just won the SAG. Be very careful with her that the Daniels’ movie has been liked a lot. However, Bassett (who, by the way, is getting hotter every year) remains the favorite.


Here they are supposed to prevail No news on the front (sound, photography and maybe music) Babylon (scenography and, perhaps, editing), Avatar (special effects), elvis (maybe make-up and set design). The Fabelmans i Maverick they will surely leave empty-handed, unless Lady Gaga wins again with her song.

PS: Diane Warren has added his thirteenth nomination in the best song category. The closest he got was two years ago with Seen, of the film Life ahead. That year there was no favorite and he had just won the Golden Globe. In any case, it gives me a nose that he will become the first person to win the honorary and the competitive in the same year. We’ll find out on March 13, and please… May Michelle Yeoh win!

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