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Photo sizes: measurements for print and social media

One of the most commonly used photo sizes is the postcard size, which is 10 x 15 cm, and is the standard size for photographic printing.

The size of a photograph expresses its dimensions in a specific unit of measurement that can obey two aspects:

  • The measurement in centimeters, although we can also find it in inches, is the measurement used for printing or photographic development.
  • The size in pixels, more focused on the resolution of the photograph, the more pixels it has, the higher its quality. This measurement is used to set the size of digital photographs.

Most commonly used sizes for printing photographs

In the following table we will see the main sizes in which we can print a photograph, in centimeters, pixels and inches:

Centimeters pixels inches
4 x 3 470 x 354 1.57 x 1.20
4 x 4 470×470 1.57 x 1.57
9 x 13 1063 x 1535 3.5×5
10 x 15 1181×1772 4 x 6
13 x 18 1535×2125 5 x 7
15 x 20 1771×2362 6 x 8
18×24 2125×2834 7 x 9.5
20 x 25 2362×2952 8 x 10
20 x 30 2362 x 3543 8 x 12
24 x 30 2834×3543 9.5×12
30×40 3543×4724 12 x 16
30 x 45 3543×5314 12 x 18
40×50 4724 x 5905 18 x 20

Depending on the size in which it is printed, the photograph can have different uses:

  • The card size (4 x 3 cm), used in identification documents such as the passport.
  • The postal size (10 x 15 cm), is the photo size that we usually print to keep inside the albums.
  • The portrait size (18 x 24 cm), generally used for framing and decorating.
  • Poster size (30 x 40 cm and above), larger prints intended for wall decoration.

Sizes most used in social networks

In the digital realm, the sizes of photographs vary depending on the platform we will use. Each social network can set the size that best suits the look of the web. Generally, more size is required than necessary to ensure good online viewing.

Below we will see the sizes in pixels used in the main social networks.

Social network Profile photo Cover photo Post image




640 x 360

1200 x 630


Instagram 110×110 Does not apply



1080 x 1350




Does not apply Does not apply





LinkedIn 400×400 1584×396



Measurements may vary depending on the device we use (computer, smartphone) or the format of the photo (square, horizontal, vertical).

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