Personalized chocolate to attract a large clientele

Who hasn’t appreciated the small gifts of a restaurant or a company after a visit or a simple discussion? Among these gifts, we most often find personalized chocolate. It is a sweet treat that is both tasty and advantageous for a company’s brand, whatever its activity.

Where can I Find Personalized Chocolate?

The PixePrint wholesaler specializes in the production of custom advertising tools and distributes them to businesses and individuals. To impress the sweet tooth, it offers in its catalog personalized chocolate of different shapes, models and flavors.

A wide selection of chocolates in a diverse collection:

  • Chocolate squares equipped with a customizable case
  • Custom Advent Calendar
  • Customizable box with an assortment of French chocolate
  • Chocolate Santa
  • Rabbit-shaped chocolate in a customizable box
  • snowman
  • A chocolate bar with a customizable greeting card
  • Mixed chocolate
  • Gianduja of chocolate
  • Chocolate almond or chocolate marbreta

Chocolates made with foreign chocolates, organic chocolates, traditional milk chocolates or dark chocolates? The choice should depend on the preferences of your recipients and the purpose for which you are aiming.

To mark the product, the computer team is in charge of printing your logo or the message you have chosen, either on the packaging or directly on one side of the chocolate.

By choosing the product of this brand, you will discover an exceptional tasting experience and support local products.

Personalized chocolate customer gift

On what occasions do you offer these personalized sweets ?

Personalized chocolate is still an essential gift to celebrate every year, but also for business days. Its exquisite flavor strengthens the bonds between family, friend and partner.

Easter celebration

Who doesn’t know that Easter is the chocolate party? So why not satisfy your children’s and your family’s taste buds with this personalized product? It is the Easter egg-shaped chocolate with special decorations that marks this occasion.

Valentine’s Day

This personalized delicacy is essential to distinguish the day of lovers. You can offer a heart-shaped chocolate with a small message on the face.


Giving a personalized chocolate to someone close is a completely different way of wishing them a long life. As an accompaniment, you can offer a personalized bag or wallet.

On the occasion of Christmas and the end of the year

Offering chocolate to the family for Christmas and New Year is not an old tradition. This is the best way to wish someone the best.

To thank you

Personalized chocolate is a great corporate gift to give to employees after a successful performance and to business partners after a negotiation. This delicacy is therefore offered as a thank you, but it is also another way to increase their motivation and retain them.

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