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Pelvic floor exercises for pregnancy and postpartum: the best videos

Pelvic floor health is very important for maintaining urinary continence for most of life. Good muscle tone can prevent us from losing urine, as explained by Dr. Daniel Martínez, specialist in the Pelvic Floor Unit at the Torrejón University Hospital. But for this, it is necessary to strengthen the pelvic floor, especially at times in a woman’s life such as pregnancy and postpartum.

Urinary incontinence affects both men and women, but it is estimated that more than 50% of women have had an episode of urinary incontinence in the last year, compared to 20-30% of men. Pregnancy and childbirth are, along with age, obesity and genetic factors, risk factors that increase this percentage in women.

Risk factors

The Ribera Povisa hospital explains, for example, that during pregnancy, the muscles in the women’s area suffer from the pressure and stretching they suffer. During childbirth, the pelvic floor is also affected, especially if you have a “traumatic” birth, as the perineal muscles are stretched during vaginal birth, so that the baby comes out. Contrary to what you might think, in the case of caesarean sections the pelvic floor is also damaged, since the abdominal muscles that help in their cushioning function must be cut, so if the abdominals lack tone the pelvic floor will have to work double, in addition to what it has already worked during pregnancy.

Menopause is another risk factor associated with female infertility. In perimenopause, women lose collagen quality and firmness (including the pelvic floor), so that a weakness occurs in the tissues of the area.

Recommended exercises and videos

For all this, as Dr. Daniel Martínez, from the Torrejón Hospital points out, although pelvic floor exercises are always beneficial, “it is convenient to arrive at birth with a good tone in these muscles and maintain it going forward” .

Both the professionals of the Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Gynecology services of all Ribera hospitals consider exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor so important that the Ribera group has edited a series of videos to help women exercise this area during pregnancy and also postpartum You can watch the first of a series of videos here.

In general, kegel exercises and hypopressives are the most recommended, but in the videos of the Ribera group you can see how to perform each exercise correctly, with the instructions of the professionals.

Regular practice of these exercises will allow us to have muscles with adequate strength and coordination.

Both the Torrejón Hospital, with the Pelvic Floor Unit, and the Vinalopó Hospital, with the physiotherapist specializing in pelviperineology (pelvic floor), have professionals super-specialized in the care of this area.

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