Pancakes in the world: from hunger to hope

Everyone ate pancakes. So many recipes around the world. I’m sure your mom made amazing pancakes, but your grandmother used the same ingredients and the taste is different.

It is difficult to choose which is better. So easy to cook that even from a hard day’s work, it won’t take long to make it. You can eat them anywhere, do whatever you want and even play on the Fire Joker mobile and eat. Amazing feeling!

Pancakes are a delicious dish that is considered traditional in many cuisines around the world.

According to some historical facts, this dish first appeared in ancient Greece. Here it is called tyganytys. It becomes fluffy and soft. Since the 6th century BC, pancakes have been considered an important part of any Greek’s breakfast.


In Europe there are a large number of traditions associated with the making and consumption of pancakes. Hungarians, Austrians, Czechs, Slovaks and Dutch use similar recipes in their cuisine.

Representatives of these people use pancakes mainly with sweet additives. This includes all kinds of cottage cheese with raisins, jams, marmalade, chocolate sauce, nut paste, as well as berries: apricots, cranberries.

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They are often sprinkled with cinnamon. In addition, pancakes with savory fillings: mushrooms, meat, fish and vegetables are popular in Europe.


Pancakes are of special importance to the French. They are cooked very finely, they are spun with a stuffing of eggs with cheese, chopped fish and spinach. In France, pancakes are eaten not only for breakfast but also for lunch or dinner.

Traditionally, wheat flour or buckwheat is used for the dough and sea salt is added. In the first case, cooking starts well in advance. The dough on buckwheat flour should be infused. The pancakes are fried on a flat cast iron surface. And this dish is called crepe.


In Russia, pancakes appeared a long time ago. Its history is related to the pagan traditions of the ancient Slavs. The first pancakes are believed to have appeared by chance during the heating of oat jelly.

The dish is associated with the sun. It is necessarily cooked during the celebration of the “Maslenitsa”, is consumed with and without fillings, and is poured with honey, condensed milk and jam.

Semi-finished pancakes can be found in supermarkets today. Pancakes from the Siberian collection, for example, are considered among the best. As a filling, this brand uses cottage cheese, meat, cherries, raspberries and more.

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You can check the quality of the product by studying the opinions of the consumers and, of course, by testing it yourself.

By the way, in ancient Russia, pancakes accompanied a person throughout his life. Women who had just given birth were given a pancake to bring luck to the newborn.

The dish was cooked every day and on public holidays for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pancakes were the main ones on waking. It was distributed among the poor and served at dinner to family and friends.

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