Overview of the specifics of eToro, the social commerce application.

Online commerce is a universe where information is still the ultimate master. Learn about Forex, the stock market or cryptocurrencies, it’s all about selling or buying. The application eToro is the ideal trading tool to trade with stock assets on your smartphone wherever you are. Overview of the specifics of this social commerce application.

Presentation of the eToro application

There is almost nothing different from the mobile version to the web version, except that you have all the features of the merchant in your pocket. You can do various activities and follow the bag at your fingertips wherever there is an Internet connection.

Available for free at Apple Store (under iOS) i Google Play (for Android), eToro is suitable for all mobile devices. In addition, the broker offers two mobile platforms that each meet the needs of novice and professional users.

  • eToro Social Trading : This mobile commerce application has all the features of the web platform.
  • Diners eToro : This is an electronic wallet that allows you to collect cryptocurrencies e-Torox.

Thanks to its mobile application, eToro differs from its competitors and claims to be the world market leader. In fact, the broker attracts people with its social trading platform that offers a range of innovative options:

The app has a variety of language options included 21 countries in total. What makes eToro an international benchmark for professional brokers. With this language support, the platform is accessible to as many people as possible, even beginners.

In real time, you have updates on the most attractive markets in the world. In addition, you can keep track of the most successful investors. Also, because the app is constantly processing new information, it can be a pain.

However, they fix bugs and improve the fluidity of the application, which is very useful during asset trading.

Once activated, the push notifications inform you of the different market opportunities, even if the application is not open.

In terms of security, your personal and financial data is protected by state-of-the-art encryption systems to prevent any attack. This is particularly true of dual authentication connection (2 FA) accompanied by a security code sent by SMS on your mobile device.

However, eToro has not integrated facial recognition and fingerprint detection. Which is reassuring, as there are many ways to avoid them today. Feel free to check out other eToro reviews in 2021 via this link.

An intuitive and innovative mobile commerce application

Known in the trading world as a complete and attractive market application, eToro Social Trading offers an intuitive and ergonomic interface. Equipped with responsive design technology, it is easy to use and suitable for both novice and experienced traders.

With the eToro app, you can track your investments from anywhere in real time. You can predictively search for financial instruments that interest you. Members can communicate with each other through a collaborative space that allows them to exchange tips or share their experiences.

One of the features that made eToro famous is its tool CopyTrader. Thanks to this, you can follow the profiles of the best investors. The latter (popular investors) are selected by the app for their experience and performance in online trading. So you can talk to them and benefit from their advice.

What’s more, you can even copy your business strategy inspired by the tactics they have already carried out. This way, you can reduce the risk of investing in cherry stalks. The risk, however, comes down to nothing.

As for the tool CopyPortfolio, allows you to invest in pre-selected assets managed by expert management companies. With this tool, you are investing in long-term investments.

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