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Our food, worse because of inflation

Inflation has had a full impact on food. The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that the healthiest products have experienced an increase in prices that makes it increasingly difficult to fill the shopping basket.

Our food, worse because of inflation

EFE/ Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

Inflation means that many families who are in a vulnerable situation see limited resources and find it difficult to follow a varied and healthy diet.

In the case of products like meat, eggs or milk, the price has always been above others. However, in the last year prices have skyrocketed next to ready meals, ice cream or sugar.

Is healthy food expensive?

Although the basic products have also suffered a rise in their usual price, the Red Cross recommends not to stop taking fish, fruit and vegetables, cereals, vegetables and legumes.

Products that this organization advises prioritizing, as they have a lower rate of year-on-year price increase and, in addition, are healthier than the rest.

Food inflation supermarket
EFE/ Luis Millan

Tips for a healthy diet

Experts offer a range of advices why follow one healthy food be available to everyone and don’t let inflation catch us off guard:

  • Read the label of the products to know the composition and origin of the food. Find out what they contain to take care of your health and find out which ones are of local origin.
  • Prepare one in advance groceries list with the ingredients you need. Sometimes we put more products in the cart than we really need because we haven’t planned ahead.
  • Difference between expiry date and best before date. This way you will avoid food waste while saving.
  • Shop and eat seasonal products. It is good for your health, your pocket and also for the environment, as they have more nutritional quality and are cheaper.
  • buy locally grown products, tend to be cheaper, tastier and more nutritious. In addition, you will contribute to reducing pollution and gas emissions by reducing the need for transport.
  • Go to shops that allow you to purchase bulk products, such as legumes and cereals. This way you avoid the packaging of the product and only buy the amount you need.
  • Avoid processed productsthey are the worst for health and often the most expensive.
  • Inquire at traditional recipes.
  • Cook calmly. Cooking is a creative activity that allows you to disconnect and innovate.
  • Less animal protein and more legumes. WHO recommends reducing or limiting meat consumption.
  • buy fruits and vegetables even if they don’t look very flashy. Don’t buy new food until you finish what you already have.
  • Balance, common sense and a lot of awareness to enjoy good gastronomy.
Food inflation vegetables
EFE/ Juan Herrero

Advantages of “conscious eating”

“Conscious Eating” is one of the initiatives that the Red Cross has promoted with the aim of encouraging and promoting a healthy diet in the population now marked by inflation.

Through it and together with the help of different food specialists, it offers knowledge about health and sustainability:

  1. Is economic i affordable for all
  2. Is prevention i Health.
  3. Is to enjoy and win a quality of life
  4. It is kitchen with market products.
  5. you have the nutritional information for ration
  6. It is information for avoid waste.
  7. Is sustainability.
  8. they are seasonal recipes downloadable with tips.
  9. Content of value and of high audiovisual quality.
  10. Is knowledge, learn to eat, to take care of yourself, to live in the present. In short, training to acquire new, healthier and more sustainable habits.

Red Cross react

On the other hand, after the crisis left by the pandemic, climate change and the conflict in Ukraine, the Red Cross has created reacta response plan to try to deal with inflation.

The purpose of the organization is to allocate a financial budget with which to palliate the difficulties that many households go through.

In a first phase it aims to meet the needs of more than 100,000 peoplethat is to say, about 25,000 families.

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